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Conversion from US V5.15 to UK V7

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Currently have old V5.15 of US version of TMG. Want to upgrade to latest version but have now realised there is a UK version. I am in Australia and most of my ancestors came from the British Isles so it would make more sense to have the UK version. Wanted to know what was involved with importing the data across and what I would need to change or update?

Am I likely to lose anything?

What do I need to specifically watch out for or change?

Should it be changed before or after importing.

It's been a while since I used my programme so would appreciate any help.

Am keen to purchase the new version but need to make sure what will be involved first.



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The program in the US and UK editions is the same. The only difference is that the UK installation has some added UK customizations.


When you restore a v5 project backup to v7, the basic project properties will be unchanged (other than the data tables being updated to the v7 structure).


In effect, only projects created by the UK edition have UK customizations. You can add the UK source types to a US data set (with source type export/import). There are a handful of UK tag types which you can add to a US data set and can create the UK styles in a US data set.


Look at Caroline Gurney's website.



Note that a data set created by the UK edition does not need to have the customizations on Caroline's site added since they are already present. Caroline does have some additional timelines and styles on her website.


Also note that there is a UK maillist for TMG although it doesn't appear to be very active.


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