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  1. Hi I am a long term TMG user but am one of those who thought they would update when they had time to get back into their genealogy research. I was away while all the upgrade/finishing emails were coming through so did not get in to upgrade on time and now can't find a Version 9 anywhere. I started having some trouble with reports when I looked at my V7 again and so looked at what programs others were looking at. I downloaded the trial of Family Historian and imported my TMG project. When I did the straight TMG import - all people came over with their relationships intact but no dates, places, events, memos etc. Just names really. I sent a copy of the backup to Family Historian who were very helpful but eventually gave me the following message: "The developers have taken a look at your file and in 'debug' mode encounter an error where a Memo file is missing, they are also getting the same error if they try to import your Project into TMG 9. Which they think suggests a problem with the file you sent us or your database, as you are seeing the same problem on import on your system this would suggest it may be a problem with your database I am afraid." Tonight I tried it as a GEDCOM file import. This time the Memos, dates & places came through - but no relationships or events with more than one person linked eg. no marriages. No-one is a descendant or ancestor! I did get an error message when I saved as the Gedcom; 'Memo file c:\Users\hn\Documents\The Master Genealogistv7\Projects\MYHUNTERPROJECT_G.FPT is missing or is invalid. 4056 G_EVENT (it gives multiple messages of the same except the event changes (there are 9 numbered events mentioned). Any help very gratefully received as I'm a bit of a techno failure and don't want to have to re-enter my 9000 odd people & their life events! Thanks ahunterclan
  2. Hi, Currently have old V5.15 of US version of TMG. Want to upgrade to latest version but have now realised there is a UK version. I am in Australia and most of my ancestors came from the British Isles so it would make more sense to have the UK version. Wanted to know what was involved with importing the data across and what I would need to change or update? Am I likely to lose anything? What do I need to specifically watch out for or change? Should it be changed before or after importing. It's been a while since I used my programme so would appreciate any help. Am keen to purchase the new version but need to make sure what will be involved first. Thank-you ahunterclan