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Found 5 results

  1. Any idea why editing a Witness with a Role of 'minister' should cause a "1234 Subscript out of bounds" error. Reindexing, Repair, Optimize all have been run. The only fix seems to be deleting the Witness and then Adding them back with the same Role.
  2. When I add a spouse and I get to the add person screen, the marriage tag is on the list BUT if I fail to enter a marriage date then the marriage tag is not created and the new person is therefore not linked to their spouse. If I do enter a marriage date, then the marriage tag appears and connects the two people as normal. Anyone else experience this or have ideas on how to fix. Jeff Lovell
  3. Same-Sex Couples

    How do you enter a marriage of two people of the same sex? How do you enter the parents for a child of this marriage?
  4. Is there any way of automatically (or manually) entering same-sex marriages, now that more and more states (and foreign countries) are recognizing them? Currently, the "Add Person"" button defaults to the opposite sex to enter a spouse. The program won't let me change the sex to "?" if any children are specified, or if a gender has been otherwise assigned by the program. If this isn't currently possible, is there any timeline for when the "Add Person" button will show "Spouse," and let the sex be specified? Thanks, David Coats
  5. Is it possible to construct an alternate sentence under the above conditions? I know it can be done with roles, but was hoping there was a way to modify the standard marriage sentence, so the result would be the normal sentence, if date and/or place were known, but if not the sentence would be [P] had a relationship with [PO]. I am fixing up a donated database, where there are about 6000 instances of this. Changing to roles would be too time consuming. I have tried several variations, but all without success. My question is: Is it actually possible without roles? Thanks, Afina