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Mary L

Source Report issues

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Recently I installed TMG 9 and imported projects from (believe it or not, TMG 6...I've been on a Genealogy hiatus for a few years...but I'm back with a vengeance!) At any rate, I need to do some clean up in my source library. So I printed a Source list report and when I did the beginning of the list shows about 10 source #s but no source beside the #. Yet when I am in the project, and I look at the Master Source List, there is source detail beside those source #s that had no info beside the # on the printed report. So why doesn't that source detail show up in the report?

Another glitch...when I run the report with a different project open, I get a totally different report, with fewer blank source #s.

I also installed 9 on a lap top and imported one project to test it out. In one instance the source # has totally different source information than what it on my desk top pc.

Any help is deeply appreciated!

Mary L

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Have you run optimize, validate file integrity, optimize on your project on a regular basis?


It's not clear what your issue is. You don't import a TMG6 project to TMG9. You restore a TMG6 project backup to TMG9.


If you are using GEDCOM to transfer data from TMG6 to TMG9, that will really mess up your sources and require editing and cleaning up every source after the GEDCOM import.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry I wasn't so clear. I did a restore a backup of TMG6 to TMG9 and didn't use Gedcom.

I ran the mentioned maintenance items and the issues remains.

These List of Sources Reports have some real issues and I just can't figure out what the problem(s) is/are. Let me try to explain what I am seeing.

So first off, I have multiple projects in TMG9. They were all backed up off 6 and restored in 9. I tried to do some "detective" work to figure out problems so let me explain what I have found.

I am only working with two projects right now, comparing the source reports. I will call them project A and B. When I have A open in TMG I ran the source list report. Then I opened B and did the same. 90% of the source #s and source detail matches on both reports. However the other 10% is very confusing. Question...shouldn't all the sources and source #s be the same no matter what project is open? And, shouldn't the printed reports be identical no matter what project you are in when you run the report?

This is what I have discovered so far:

1. I started working on A in 9 and added new sources. The # for some of these sources are on the report list, but there isn't any detail with the #. Yet when I go into the project and pull up the source list, the # is there, as well as the detail of the source. And, some of the newly added sources do have numbers and detail within the report.

2. So then I go to B-I added a few new sources in 9, source #1155-1156-1157. When I run the source report while in the B project, they aren't on it. However, when I go into the B project, there they are- #s with details. Worse yet...when I run the report while in A, those same source #s have total different detail with them.

3. Some of the sources on the report are printing with quotation marks in front and that throws off the alpha listing...yet I entered the source without any quotes.

4. On the printed report, some of the newly added source #s show the detail with it as "ancestry.com" yet when in the project the detail is exactly as it should be, i.e "Michigan marriage record etc".

I think that's most of the issues. I hope I explained well enough...again, thank you!


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