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  1. I have multiple family projects in my TMG and I have attached many exhibits to one of the projects. Is there any way that I can have a separate Exhibits folder for each of my projects so as not to have all exhibits in one folder? Perhaps name them "Exhibits Smith", "Exhibits Jones" etc. Thanks!! Mary
  2. Finding sources in records

    well I'll be darned...all my fretting, trying and giving up. I didn't think it was possible. Your few words made it all happen. You are a TMG genius! Thanks Jim! M
  3. Is there any way you can find where a source is attached within a database? I have printed a "List of Sources" report and I am trying to clean it up a bit. When you print the report, it tells you how many times the source is cited. Is there some way to find where those exact # of sources are? thanks a bunch Mary
  4. Jim Byram, I believe I was in correspondence with year several years ago when I was revitalizing my genealogy research. At that time I decided to upgrade my TMG from 6 to the ending sale days of 9. You helped me through it and I have been working diligently at the tree since then. (You might say I am back to having an addiction to Genealogy) At any rate my PC is looing like it might be getting ready to die and I am ready to buy another one. I would also like to buy a laptop that I could take with me when I go on my research trips so everyone is at my fingertips. My question(s) are this---can you help me with the switch and moving my info into a new pc and laptop?....or would it by chance be a better idea to get other software and load all my TMG into it? I still work in fear that TMG will die on me one day and things would be chaotic. I did some reading and I thought I read about a new Gedcom that would transfer TMG easily. I really appreciate any and all input on this matter. Thanks Mary
  5. deleting multiple sources

    Hi Jim...me again. So I did as you said. Here's what I see...when I choose to "select" a project when I am on the screen when I first open TMG, my list of projects are listed on the screen. (I am trying to duplicate a project named "Sillman"). So I select my Sillman_.pjc project and the original project opens with the boo coo sources. The copied Sillman project is not listed on that screen. However, when I am on that screen and go down to the field at the bottom where there is "file" field and a drop down, I see my copied project (Sillman1_pjc) in the list. When I click on it, I get a message that says it doesn't appear to be a valid pjc file. The path is identical to all of my other projects that open when I click on them. Again, thanks for any help. Mary
  6. deleting multiple sources

    Hi Jim, well I did some clean up on my .PJC sources and followed your directions for the List of People. Unfortunately it did not make a new project. I tried it with leaving the field name as the default "my project" and also changing it to another name. When I go into the project the all the sources remain the same with several hundred with a "0" in the # of citations.
  7. deleting multiple sources

    thanks Jim...I will give it a try.
  8. does anyone know of a quick way to delete multiple sources at one time? I have separated my families into their own projects and when I imported all of my info into TMG9 all of the source dbs were put in each of my families projects. So in order to clean up the source listings I need to "expunge" many sources from each of my projects. thanks
  9. Source Report issues

    Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply. Sorry I wasn't so clear. I did a restore a backup of TMG6 to TMG9 and didn't use Gedcom. I ran the mentioned maintenance items and the issues remains. These List of Sources Reports have some real issues and I just can't figure out what the problem(s) is/are. Let me try to explain what I am seeing. So first off, I have multiple projects in TMG9. They were all backed up off 6 and restored in 9. I tried to do some "detective" work to figure out problems so let me explain what I have found. I am only working with two projects right now, comparing the source reports. I will call them project A and B. When I have A open in TMG I ran the source list report. Then I opened B and did the same. 90% of the source #s and source detail matches on both reports. However the other 10% is very confusing. Question...shouldn't all the sources and source #s be the same no matter what project is open? And, shouldn't the printed reports be identical no matter what project you are in when you run the report? This is what I have discovered so far: 1. I started working on A in 9 and added new sources. The # for some of these sources are on the report list, but there isn't any detail with the #. Yet when I go into the project and pull up the source list, the # is there, as well as the detail of the source. And, some of the newly added sources do have numbers and detail within the report. 2. So then I go to B-I added a few new sources in 9, source #1155-1156-1157. When I run the source report while in the B project, they aren't on it. However, when I go into the B project, there they are- #s with details. Worse yet...when I run the report while in A, those same source #s have total different detail with them. 3. Some of the sources on the report are printing with quotation marks in front and that throws off the alpha listing...yet I entered the source without any quotes. 4. On the printed report, some of the newly added source #s show the detail with it as "ancestry.com" yet when in the project the detail is exactly as it should be, i.e "Michigan marriage record etc". I think that's most of the issues. I hope I explained well enough...again, thank you! Mary
  10. Recently I installed TMG 9 and imported projects from (believe it or not, TMG 6...I've been on a Genealogy hiatus for a few years...but I'm back with a vengeance!) At any rate, I need to do some clean up in my source library. So I printed a Source list report and when I did the beginning of the list shows about 10 source #s but no source beside the #. Yet when I am in the project, and I look at the Master Source List, there is source detail beside those source #s that had no info beside the # on the printed report. So why doesn't that source detail show up in the report? Another glitch...when I run the report with a different project open, I get a totally different report, with fewer blank source #s. I also installed 9 on a lap top and imported one project to test it out. In one instance the source # has totally different source information than what it on my desk top pc. Any help is deeply appreciated! Mary L