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Mary L

Exhibits Folder

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I have multiple family projects in my TMG and I have attached many exhibits to one of the projects. Is there any way that I can have a separate Exhibits folder for each of my projects so as not to have all exhibits in one folder? Perhaps name them "Exhibits Smith", "Exhibits Jones" etc. Thanks!!


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Mary, I don't have the time (or, probably, the expertise) to help at the moment.  But it's my impression that this forum is not much used any more, unless you get lucky and Jim Byram sees your post and replies.  I'm sure the answer to your question is yes, but I think you'd be better off asking on the TMG-L email list (go to https://tmg-l.groups.io/g/main to subscribe if you are not already on the list).  There are many very TMG-knowledgeable people there who are always very helpful and quick to respond.

You may find that some will wonder why you have separate projects for different families.  The usual recommendation is to have all TMG data in one project (even one dataset) with flags to identify the different families.  That's a much more flexible approach that solves several issues that arise where you have separate projects.

Hope this helps.



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You could use an exhibits folder (the default location or a location of your choice) and include a subfolder for each of your projects.

As a matter of good practice, each exhibit should have a unique name irrespective of which folder it is stored in.

When you add a new exhibit, the exhibits are opened to the exhibits folder location in Preferences. Since each project has its own exhibits folder location, you can set the exhibits folder path to the proper subfolder for each project. 

If you ever need to relocate your exhibit tree in the future (such as moving to a new computer), be sure to update the exhibit path in Preferences for each project and then use Validate File Integrity to update the paths for the exhibits in each project.


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