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Mary L

Upgrading PCs and TMG

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Jim Byram,

I believe I was in correspondence with year several years ago when I was revitalizing my genealogy research.  At that time I decided to upgrade my TMG from 6 to the ending sale days of 9.  You helped me through it and I have been working diligently at the tree since then.  (You might say I am back to having an addiction to Genealogy)  At any rate my PC is looing like it might be getting ready to die and I am ready to buy another one.  I would also like to buy a laptop that I could take with me when I go on my research trips so everyone is at my fingertips.

My question(s) are this---can you help me with the switch and moving my info into a new pc and laptop?....or would it by chance be a better idea to get other software and load all my TMG into it?  I still work in fear that TMG will die on me one day and things would be chaotic.  I did some reading and I thought I read about a new Gedcom that would transfer TMG easily.

I really appreciate any and all input on this matter.  Thanks


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You seem to be saying that you are running TMG v9.

You need to back up your project(s) on the current computer and copy the backup(s) to a USB flash drive.

Install TMG v9.05 on the new computer. If you don't have the TMG v9.05 installer, you can download it using the appropriate link in this topic...

You then copy the backup(s) to the new computer and restore the project(s).

You can include external exhibits in the backup(s) or copy the external exhibits folder to the USB flash drive and copy the folder to an appropriate location on the new computer.

On the new computer, make sure that the paths in the Preferences current project settings are correct. The only one likely to be incorrect might be the backup path assuming that the other paths should be the default paths.

If the exhibits are in a different location on the new computer, run Validate File Integrity and use the external exhibits feature to update the paths.


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