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  1. Address-Cemetery Tag & Burial Tag Mods

    Well, time has passed and I understand sentences much better now. I have added up to 3 spouses to print on the cemetery report so the report can remind me to look for spouses when I don't remember their names or where they are buried. Note: M1 in the Burial tag is for the location within the cemetery. Here is my current set up: Address-Cemetery Tag Principal sentence: [P] - <Founded [D],> [P] is located <at [L2],>< [L3],>< [L4]>< [L5]>.< [M].>[:CR:][:CR:][bOLD:]The following people are buried here[:BOLD] Burial Tag Interred sentence: [R:Interred] was buried <[D]><in [R:Cemetery]><in [M1]><, located at [L2]><, [L3]><, [L4]><, [L5]><, [L6]><, aged [A1]><. [M2]> Cemetery sentence: [:CR:][:CR:][R:Interred]<- [D]><, located in [M1]><, aged [A1]><. Spouse(s): [R:Spouse1]>< and [R:Spouse2]>< and [R:Spouse3]><. [M2]> Spouse1, Spouse2, Spouse3 Male Sentence: [:CR:][:CR:]His wife, [R:Interred], was buried <[D]><in [R:Cemetery]><in [M1]><at [L2]><, [L3]><, [L4]><, [L5]><, [L6]><, aged [A1]><. [WM]> Spouse1, Spouse2, Spouse3 Female Sentence: [:CR:][:CR:]Her husband, [R:Interred], was buried <[D]><in [R:Cemetery]><in [M1]><at [L2]><, [L3]><, [L4]><, [L5]><, [L6]><, aged [A1]><. [WM]>
  2. Horne, Constance

    Title: Chappell, Eppes, Ribble, Strobel and Horne, Briggs, Lindamood, Pedneau History and Genealogy URL: http://thehornes.us/Family/index.htm This is the combined genealogy for my husband and I.
  3. XResearch tag sentence

    I added a few more roles to this same tag from hints seen in other postings: NothingFurther: Nothing further is known of [OBJ]<[M]> DeadEnd: Despite extensive research, nothing further is known of [OBJ]<[M]> FirstAttempt: Initial research surveys have turned up no additional information about [OBJ]<[M]>
  4. Address-Cemetery Tag & Burial Tag Mods

    I have since modified the burial tag again to add a link for Second Site to the Cemetery page as follows: P1 would have the role of Interred and P2 has the role of Cemetery... [R:Interred] was buried< [D]>< [L]><, aged [A1]><. [M][:NP:]><[HID:][sS:][html:] To see others buried at the same cemetery, go here: [R:Cemetery][:HTML][:SS][:HID]>
  5. I copied the Address tag, saved it as Address-Cemetery, and modified the Principal sentence as follows: [P] - <Founded [D],> <[P] is located at [L].>< [M]> [:CR:][:CR:][bOLD:]The following people are buried here[:BOLD] I add the Cemetery as a non-related person with the last name of Cemetery and add the Address-Cemetery and fill in the details. The start date of the cemetery goes into the date field. Then under the burial tag I added a Role of Cemetery. The Cemetery Role Sentence is as follows: [:CR:][:CR:][P1]<- [D]><, aged [A1]><. [M]> I add the "Cemetery Person" as P2 to each burial. That way I can double-click on the Cemetery and go right to it without extra steps. Then I run an Individual Narrative Report and get this: Individual Narrative of Forest Lawn Cemetery (804) Forest Lawn Cemetery (804) - Founded 1922, Forest Lawn Cemetery (804) is located at Forest Lawn Cemetery, 4000 Pilots Lane, Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia, 23222, 804 321-7655, 373543N0772613W. The following people are buried here. John Robert Chappell Jr. (23) - 4 Jan 1969, aged 70. Mary Horry Eppes (24) - after 2 Aug 1972. See file folder under Chappell, John Robert Jr, for a map of Forest Lawn Cemetery, marking where John Robert Chappell, Jr and Mary Horry Eppes Chappell are buried. Edward Mitchell Eppes Jr. (221) - 19 Mar 1985, aged 85. ... you get the idea. Of course it looks better when it's not in plain text but this is SO Cool!
  6. Residence at an event

    What tag type would you put this one in? Address or Other?