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  1. Age in Details Window

    And the winning answer was.... Living Flag set to ? Many thanks for the replies everyone. Its good to be back.
  2. Hello, After a too long absence from my research I have returned and decided to just go over everything and catch up. I have noticed for one of my younger people that in the details tab I have an age of 3?. Any ideas why there is a ? after the age? There is a birth tag with a standard date in so I am confused. As usual. Thanks in advance.
  3. GeneaQuilts

    I've just tried this and after struggling a bit with the installation, I must say that I am very impressed with the results. It looks good and new, easy to see and shows great potential for the future. One to keep an eye on for sure. Ben
  4. Citation Detail Changes

    Many thanks.. Ben
  5. Looking back through my project it is clear that my use of the citation detail was very inconsistent and, in some places, unnecessary. I would like to go back over them all and amend where necessary. Is there a way that I can view all the citation details that have been entered, in some form of table possibly, so that I can compare citation details and make them consistent with out having to open every tag and then every citation for every person? Ben
  6. Filter Help

    That's great, thanks Jim. The results that filter produces seem to give me what I am after. The main problem I had was that I had put in Baptism Tags that had no date entered which were added even if the birth date was outside the filter criteria, so I have changed these to show 'after dates' and the results are better. I will let you know if I notice any unexpected results. Ben
  7. Filter Help

    Hello, I have the need to make a filter that will change a flag for me but it is turning out to be more complicated than I originally envisaged. I have several Flags called Brit Census 1841, 1851 etc, up to 1911 and I use these with -,Y,N,P for not applicable, yes, no or possible and I use them to help me work out where I could find the relevant people in the census or if they have already been found. I am trying to make a filter that will allow me to identify which people could be on each census for each year, and then run a LoP to change the flag to P as I have forgotten to update people's flags as and when I have added them or when I have found them on the census. I originally thought that a simple filter consisting of: BIRTH GROUP DATE DOES NOT COME BEFORE 1741 ANDBIRTH GROUP DATE DOES NOT COME AFTER APR 1841 AND(DEATH GROUP DATE DOES NOT COME BEFORE APR 1841 ORBURIAL GROUP DATE DOES NOT COME BEFORE APR 1841) would filter out all those not born in the 100 years before 1841 and those that have died before 1841. However, if someone has a birth group tag that has an empty date they still get included and those with no death or burial group tags get left out. I am assuming that I will need a several filters that need to pick up each group of people individually and then somehow combine them to get the required output but I have tried for several days to do it and I just can't seem to. Can anyone else point me on the right direction? The time I have taken to work it out would probably have been long enough to do all 1700 people manually but it's now the principle of not being able to work out how to do it that is spurring me on.
  8. Filter Suggestion

    Hello everyone, long time no post I know but I am still around Anyway, as my project grows I am finding that I use the PE filter a lot more and I keep getting frustrated with the filter dialogue box that I suggest could be altered slightly. If I set a filter up, on many occasions I want to adjust the same filter in a small way but keep the criteria. For example, I may want to search for all Birth Reg tags for my flagged ancestors before a certain date, and then look for Marr Reg tags for the same flagged ancestors before the same date, however, as soon as I change the field column from Birth Reg to Marr Reg, the subfield, operator and value columns all reset to the default values and I have to change them all to what I want again. I know this isn't a huge problem but it would save time for users by changing what is a 4 click process to a 1 click one.
  9. Change Path to Exhibits

    What you may find though, as I did, that the 'specify folders pop up' defaults to the same location each time, so for every folder you wish to add, you have to go through the file tree and add each folder individually, so, as in my case, if you have 40+ different folders it will become an unbearably painful and slow task. In my case I gave up and am currently using a very jumbled and large exhibit folder. My only complaint with TMG v7
  10. Stillborn entry

    Yes there is. The sentence is [P] was stillborn <[D]> <[L]>
  11. Double exclusion marker...

    Thanks Terry, I knew it would be something I was doing wrong. Thanks again. I did take sentence field to mean the memo...
  12. I have an illness tag with the sentence: --a brain tumor after a routine eye test. Further tests showed a tumor at the top of her spine. When I run reports, (individual narrative and Ind.Nar. previews) the sentence is shown as: She was ill with (an unknown value) etc If i put 1 exclusion marker, I get the same sentence on the report. It says in Help that double exclusion markers should stop the entire tag from being printed. Whenever I post a topic on here its always me doing something wrong, so what have I done wrong this time
  13. Post has not appeared on a forum

    I posted to the TMG Users' Genealogy Web Sites forum a while ago which hasn't been posted yet either.
  14. Thank you DougHo, this has solved the problem I experienced (posted here) so far... Touch wood
  15. v6.12.000-WinVista

    Many thanks Jim