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  1. Stuck with unreadable projects.

    RTF works for the FGS, et al. Thanks Jim. But still no dice on any kind of PDF output. If I try to save to a pdf file or to printer I get stuck in the infinite loop. Thanks anyway Jim and Terry. I'll stick with Word docs. I think I'm just going to have to look into a different genealogy program for the future. I give up on PDF. Time for bed. Thanks again.
  2. Stuck with unreadable projects.

    Terry, I'm using Windows 7. I did, at one time have Windows 10 on my computer but I hated it and had the repair guy remove it and put it back to v. 7. I have tried to print all my reports to Word and for most part I can get them to print to Word, but for some reason, the reports I listed above, when printed to Word come up all garbled and unreadable. As for sending the reports to the Printer, when I try to send it to the Windows default printer I end up in the infinite loop again. I don't see an option to print to a dedicated Windows 7 printer. I will look for the Help solution that you suggest for those reports and see if there is any assistance there.
  3. Stuck with unreadable projects.

    Thank you Jim for sending me the v. 9.05 installer. I uninstalled the version that I had previously installed (v. 9.0 that I thought was v. 9.05), removed all remaining v. 9.0 folders (per another post) and then reinstalled using the file that you sent me. At least I can now access and read my projects. However, I am far from up and running smoothly. I am back to the original problems I had before I previously reinstalled the incorrect version. - Cannot do ANYTHING with PDF documents: errors - "OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not register" - after I cancel, that is followed by another error message "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN." These two errors continuously loop so I have to do a Ctrl>Alt>Delete to get out of the loop. - Printing to Word, I cannot print a Family Group Sheet, Individual Detail report, Pedigree Chart, or Relationship Chart that is readable. The error message I receive is that there is a corrupted table in the reports and I get the report with lots of dots and squares, and very little clear information. I don't even know where to start to correct these problems. I did a repair of the program as administrator. I did all the maintenance processes in TMG, even the validate file integrity (at least four or five times). I now have no idea how to continue.
  4. Stuck with unreadable projects.

    Sorry, I forgot to say that I clicked on the above URL for the 9.05 installer and it appears to be inactive.
  5. Stuck with unreadable projects.

    In 2014 when I downloaded the latest version of TMG it was version 9.05 and I updated my project to the latest version. When I recently uninstalled and reinstalled TMG from the most recent .exe version I had on my computer (assuming it was 9.05), it turned out to be v. 9 not 9.05 and now I can't open any of my projects and I don't know where I can get v. 9.05.
  6. Today, after a couple of years, I returned to my TMG projects to print a FGS for someone and discovered that I could not print to either Word or PDF (at last use I had been using v.9.05 that I downoaded when TMG was being discontinued). When trying to print to Word got a message that said "A table in this document has become corrupted." When trying to print to PDF got an error that said "OLE error code 0X80040154: Class not registered." Uninstalled and reinstalled TMG and now I can't open any of my projects because they are in a newer version. Tried to download an installer program from Wholly Genes, but got an error message that says the URL must be incorrect. What do I do now?
  7. Thanks formerprof, I added one to my other websites. I was just hoping that the present TMG calculator could be revised to include that basic function. Guess I'm just lazy and would like everything tucked in neatly in one place without having to go elsewhere. Polly
  8. Since I've asked for this two or three times, I'm hoping if I ask for this enough times, Bob might include it in a future update just to get me to shut up. As I was trying to determine just how far off my 3rd great grandmother was when she (or someone else) gave her age at the time of the 1850 census, I again had to open Legacy to perform that calculation. I would like the TMG date calculator to have a function to calculate exactly how old an individual was using a starting date and an ending date. I would like the date calculator to have entry fields for Start Date; End Date; and Days, Months, Years and be able to enter any two of the three variables and get the third. Please, please, please Bob. Can you put that on the list for the near future? Polly
  9. Thank you Virginia, I do have condition number 2, a child with an "unknown" parent. That's probably what is causing the problem. Polly
  10. Thanks Terry. I realize that I can move those objects and have been practicing doing just that, but I was hoping to figure out why only this person's chart renders like this. I'll play with it . . . thanks again.
  11. I am having trouble with the spacing for a descendant box chart for one woman in my database. Please see screenshot. This should be a top down chart for a woman who had three children, three men,vcf_screenshot.doc no marriages. The woman's name appears at the left margin instead of at the top of the chart and there is all that white space in the middle. I have created that same chart, with exactly the same options, for other people in my database and the chart appears normally--without white space and with the focus person at the top of the chart. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this one appears as it does?
  12. I am assuming that the parts of the Memo are entered in the Memo field of the tag in TMG. That means that if you have memos set to print in footnotes, whatever you put in the Memo field so that it shows up in charts will also show up in footnotes. Is that correct?
  13. I am assuming that the parts of the Memo are entered in the Memo field of the tag in TMG. That means that if you have memos set to print in footnotes, whatever you put in the Memo field so that it shows up in charts will also show up in footnotes. Is that correct?
  14. On the Chart Options screen > Data Types tab> Box Contents menu, I believe I have figured out the output format of most of the options, but I'm not sure about what gets inserted with the Memo component and why there are several Memo components within each tag type. What gets outputted when the Memo component is selected and where does that information come from? Also, what option (and where) do I change if I want to get a place of Oneida, NY, instead of Oneida, Madison County, New York? Is there somewhere in Help that goes into more detail about this whole process? Polly H