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  1. I haven't used TMG in many years and now have a new computer. I found the download of 8.08 which I have the license for and installed it on my new computer. I have the original email with all the required information and successfully activated it and can use the product with my old project. One problem - the email I had to give it was my old email that I no longer use. Is there any way to change that original email to my current one if I ever have to re-install the product? I have updated my email on this site.
  2. Sorry I took so long to get back but I was out of country then forgot about it. I found the problem. My shortcut was pointing to the old copy of the program which was located in C:Users[myname]AppDataLocalProgramsThe Master Genealogist v8tmg8.exe I created a new shortcut to the correct location and it works fine. I am not sure why the link was pointing there. Q: Do I even need that directory? Q: Can I also get rid of the C:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v7 directory since there is a comparable one for V8? Seems like the original upgrade to V8 didn't remove this directory.
  3. It says 8.00.0000. That's the problem. It thinks it is updated because when I now try to do an update, it says "up tp date". If I try to run the update program manually, it gets stopped by AVG. I will try to temporarily shut off AVG. Update: Shut off AVG temporarily and reran installer in the Program Data directory. I did a "repair". No complaint from AVG as it was disabled but it didn't update although it thinks it did. Program still shows 8.00.0000
  4. When I try and run the update, my AVG anti-virus (AVG 2013 latest definitions) says: Found Luhe.Fiha.A Description C:Program Files(x86)The Master Geneologist v8viewertmgss.exe Severeity: High State: Infected The update thinks it works but the program still shows 8.00
  5. When moving from UFT, I have found some places that are nowhere referenced. They are in the Master Place List but there are zero references (per the "replace" function). How do I delete the place?
  6. Can someone provide a summary of Windows 7 MG 7 compatibility and issues? I see there is a PDF issue and a workaround (which worked for me) There seems to be an issue with creating RTF and Doc files: RTF Gets Error 14 DOC gets error 20 There seems to be a problem creating Winword as an external utility. This addition to app file works for Notepad but not Winword: [ExternalUtilities] Utilities2=Notepad,C:\Windows\System32\Notepad.exe Utilities3=Microsoft Word,C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office10\WINWORD.exe Anyone know of other issues so they can all be listed in one place?
  7. I import my file from UFT into TMG and find that adoptees not only have an adoption relationship to their parents but the adopted child shows that there is a marriage tag between the child and the father. Tag type is Marriage but the persons when I double click on the event show the child and adopting father. The mother shows a witness tag to this. Why do these additional events show up. Only the adoption should show. since I am just playing with TMG at this time to decide whether to buy, I make no permanent changes there and always go back to UFT, delete the old TMG project and reimport. I'd like to make the final import have as few problems as possible. In UFT, there are two events for the child - a "Family" event showing the adoptee and adopting parents as principals, and an adoption event showing the same. Is this causing the problem and would that require just fixing these in TMG? What I would like to see is that on the screen, the child's parents would show natural parents; an event would show adoption; the sibling screen would show the other adopted and adopted parent's natural kids kids as siblings. On the adopted parent screen, the children's adoption events would show and the "Children" screen would show the adopted and natural children. On charts, there should be an option to show adoptees in a different color or with a different line connecting them to adopted parents.
  8. I am considering TMG as a replacement for my UFT. However, I can't find two features in reporting that I use. 1) I want a report of everyone that is by surname starting with the earliest ancestor and including all descendants but with no repeats. i.e. the children are all shown based on the eldest male ancestor. In UFT, for a daughter who has children, it shows for example: MarySmith was born (Unknown Date). She married David Jones in Atlanta, GA, 1949. David was born in Brad, FL April 4, 1935. David died November 21, 2003 in Birm, AL, at 79 years of age. (See David Jones for the continuation of this line.) or at least something similar to this. 2) UFT allowed me to output html in one file (with names shown as a link from their listing as a child of the parents to the child's full information) or in multiple files where the child linked to a separate web page for the child so the web page wasn't a mile long. Can either or both of these be done? I have tried all sorts of reports but with the options so flexible, I can't seem to find a way to do either of these.
  9. If I buy now, would I get a free upgrade to 7.0 when it is released?