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  1. Trouble putting exhibits into reports

    When an exhibit is missing, there is no space reserved for it. Thus, there are no properties to check. The exhibits are mostly linked to persons. The option to output all exhibits is selected in the report. ========== Wait, wow, I just saw that the problem is over. For some unknown reason, TMG repaired itself! Maybe several verfifications, checks, redefinition of exhibit folder, or whatever, corrected the error. Anyway, thanks for your inspiring help.
  2. Trouble putting exhibits into reports

    Jim, thanks for your reply. TMG v6 does not have an Exhibit tab (sorry, I see now that I should have placed the topic in the v6 forum). But in Preferences / Current Project Options / Advanced the Save image thumbnails is switched off. All exhibits are in a single folder.
  3. Trouble putting exhibits into reports

    After moving TMG v6 to a new system, I have the same problem: in all reports the exhibits are not shown. All exhibits are external and the location is the same as on the old system. New exhibits, however, are shown. I ran the VFI, including the check of external exhibits: no problems found. How can I fix this problem? Any help is appreciated.
  4. After upgrading from TMG v6.09 to v6.11, I notice an unusual long delay before the Report Definition screen (e.g. for the Ancestor Chart) comes up. TMG seems to be very busy for more than one and a half minute (!!!!) before finally the screen is shown. Then, when selecting another configuration name, this configuration is loaded, but this also takes about one minute. Saving a changed configuration also takes this amount of time. The same problem occurred some time ago, maybe this was in TMG v5. TMG v6.09 was OK. I hope the problem can be fixed soon, since it is an annoying discomfort that makes the generation of a report (with a number of try and error loops) a time-consuming task.
  5. In TMG v6.09, the "structure version" problem still exists. In my situation (Windows XP Pro SP2), the following applies: The message "Structure version is missing. Contact tech support for assistance." is given after starting TMG in the following situations: 1) if a TMG project is opened by another user, and 2) if the TMG project was opened before when working Offline (Windows XP Pro feature to enable working when not connected to a network and shared disks, e.g. with a notebook). TMG ends and can be restarted. Then the Welcome window is shown (even if this had been switched off in the preferences) and after selecting the last project button, the program works as normal. The double restart every time is very irritating. Probably Wholly Genes support is not aware of the problem, they cannot solve it or it has a (too) low priority. Wake up folks! Addition 2006-07-27: The file vfp7rerr.log does not contain time-related errors, only many of the following lines:
  6. This can be stay as it is. I suggest only to add something that is currently missing.
  7. Thank you all for your answers. I notice that the solutions you use are all are by manually adding something. I would like that the TMG program takes care of this, for example by automatically adding some end-of-marriage tag when a spouse dies. In report outputs I would like the marriage to appear like ┬┤marriage 1920 - 1936┬┤, just as the living period. What do you think? Is this a feasible solution?
  8. A marriage end by a divorce or the death of the spouse. My question is how TMG handles the death. I expect that in the events of a partner, a tag must be added when the marriage partner dies. Otherwise, a marriage seems to continue. What is the standard way of working? Any help is appreciated.
  9. There is still a problem: if a witness of a marriage also has the name Prin1 or Prin2, the tag entry is included. How can I suppress this?
  10. Please note that TMG, using the program folder as it does now, will certainly not run on the coming Windows Vista. This is becasuse, for security reasons, the access rights of normal users are even more restricted than in Windows XP.
  11. Error Report already open

    Finally I found out what caused the trouble. It turned out that the problem occurred for a certain user that was not part of the administrators group. It was the setting of the access rights of c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist folder. This user was allowed to write and modify, but not to delete. Thus, the TMG report program was not able to delete it's files. I got not much help from Wholly Genes Support. They only told me that the problem was forwarded to the programmers. But that was months ago... To avoid this kind of problems, I issued a change request to avoid the use of the programs folder for temporary and user-dependent files. Refer to Wish list: Let TMG use standard Windows' folders for temp. data, TMG now uses the Program Files folder having restricted access
  12. Robin, Please note that adding tags changes the Last Edited Date, and that there are no tools in TMG to delete these tags. In fact I don't care about the two-column results. If the duplicates are all in a focus group, the CFD process can quickly recreate the view. Now it may take a long time.
  13. Wishlist: A Wishlist Forum

    I fully support the idea of a separate forum! It would be a great improvement if we (the users) get feedback and are informed on what to expect in coming releases.

    It would be even nicer if the Copy Tag just copied the tag to the clipboard, so that it can be pasted in another person's record. The current function works different from other Windows applications. Windows users are accustomed to the Cut, Copy and Paste sequences. Another inconvenient quality of the current inplementation is that the copy action, while it adds a tag to the person's data, changes the last edited date. Many times, the tag is intended for another person and, therefore, the principal has to be changed (if possible). So, to simplify it's use my proposal is this: The Copy Tag (in the Edit menu and on the right mouse click) copies the tag to the clipboard, a the (new) Paste Tag (in the Edit menu and on the right mouse click) inserts it in every current record.
  15. Does anyone know why it is not possible to merge individuals in different data sets. This would save a lot of time when synchronizing projects! (Refer to How to sync data of a replicated project?, Merging chances from multiple researchers and What is the best way to merge projects, Excluding the duplicates.)