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  1. Just got a new computer and had to install TMG 9 - fine. However married names are not being generated in this new download (I do say to create married name). I have run file validation and restarted TMG but still no married names (I have to manually create them) Ed
  2. Morning Jim - I just ran the Installer (repair) from the installer I had from 7/25/15 and restarted the computer - twice. The problem still exists. Is the next step to remove the Program and Program Data Files and get a fresh installer from the website?
  3. If I send a report (so far tested with LIst of, FGS and descendant narrative) the report will generate on screen but I cannot print If sent to printer I get a popup asking to locate (in the program files) cdintf~1.dll. Canceling brings up OLE error code 0x0040154 Class not registered. cancelling here exits program and brings up another screen "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN" OKAY brings up OPEN - apparently asking for a .dbf file - The only way out is to end task from the Program manager running v9.05 on windows 8 - I've already tried Validate files and reboot Do I need to do a clean TMG9 Install as posted by Jim Byram 14 Jul 2016?
  4. Thanks for your suggestion. I've checked my projects and it appears that the path is set correctly under Preferences but TMG is still not opening correctly With further further poking I've found that if I Open Last Project when opening TMG the last project used does open correctly If I try to select project when opening TMG, I'm still directed to the Program (than the Document) path. When changing projects I'm again/still directed to the Program path if it try to open a project using the Open Project icon or by going to File > Open Project menu. projects will open correctly if I use the history under the File Tab
  5. I keep a "portable" copy of v8.08 (with three project) on my laptop. Suddenly today when I tried to open TMG on the lap top (select project) the computer now looks in programs (rather than in documents for the project). I can't seem to find where this was changed. I can redirect to the proper path manually but when I try to open another project (or exit and reopen) I'm again directed to "Programs"
  6. Repositories

    In older versions (maybe 4) the list of repositories included the Memo filed. Somewhere along the line that field was lost in the report. I use repositories to inventory documents and really would like to see a printed list include what documents are in each file