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  1. Error Message re Makespeed

    Thank you Michael. That is very wise. I think you are right. Very best wishes, John
  2. Error Message re Makespeed

    Jim ... tried this, did the repair, same result ... so that mystery remains. I cannot detect any issues with the running of the program after I have pressed "Ignore" about 8 times. So, as long as I don't need to carry out the "Performance Recommendations", I guess I shall just ignore it all - turn to the East, bury a steak in the garden, cross the fingers, close my eyes and count to 10 - and pray it just isn't there ! Thanks ... and I appreciate your assistance. John Snelson
  3. Error Message re Makespeed

    Thanks Jim, I am getting the same error when I use the Sample Projects (both the UK one and the USA one) and other projects, so I don't think the problem lies in the data, rather that it is in the TMG program files or possibly some of the parameters around processing, such as stack overflow or a missing dbf or something like that. Nevertheless, I tried your suggestion and got the same result (attached). It's a mystery. Is there a list of possible error messages and solutions somewhere ? john
  4. While trying to run Maintenance/Performance/Recommendations I received this message “Syntax Error 330 MAKESPEED”. Anyone had that happen or able to advise. Using TMG Gold Uk version 9.05.0000 in Windows 10. john
  5. Thanks for your suggestions Jim. I am still not sure what the problem was with the archiver. I have got it all working now by reoving all the exhibits involved from TMG - then renaming and saving them in Photoshop and will now put the links back into TMG and cross the fingers. Will let you know how I go. Thanks again. john
  6. I am having a problem with RESTORE - using TMG 9.05 Gold and Windows 10. The BACKUP process seems to work ok but the restore stops while extracting files from the Exhibits folder. I have checked the links with John Cardinals Utility and all ok but the extraction halts with "DynaZip UnZip Error : Error Creating Output File : Problem with Extracting Files" and then "DynaZip UnZip Error : Error Creating File" This happens twice but only if I choose to overwrite the exhibits. Any suggestions much appreciated.
  7. TMG 9.05 UK to Parallels 12

    Sorry for delay in responding, been busy. Apologies John Cardinal ... "wrestling" was an inappropriate word. Just working with the folders between Windows and iMac (e.g. \\MAC\Home\ blah-blah.) needs some understanding of both environments so as to make the best decision on how you want to work and share files and have the data available in the Mac and Windows. Nothing to do with the TMG or SS software really. SS is working just fine on the iMAC in Windows 10 and Parallels 12 ... and I recommend that environment to anyone teetering on the edge of giving it a whirl. Just needs some planning, patience, a copy of Windows and plenty of tea. No problems once I got the TMG project and exhibits (TMG and Non TMG) in the right folders after the Restore. j
  8. Currently moving TMG from Windows 10 on a laptop to an iMac ... Instal of Windows on the iMac from a new MS Windows AUD$180 on a USB stick is a problem but got it sorted with a ISO bootable image. Installed Parallels ok with some assistance in the chat facility from Parallels Support staff ... this was a good experience. Installed tmg9uk and TMGUtility OK transferring the database .sqz file from the laptop on a USB and then doing a Restore. However getting the exhibits in the right folder has been a challenge. Currently wrestling with getting Second Site to work. Just sharing the process in case others may be interested.
  9. Death & Burial Events/Dates

    Thanks Terry and Michael ... I am going to give Michael's custom Tag option a whirl. I will report on progress. Thanks guys ... from a wet and miserable Spring morning in Sydney. john
  10. I have many cases where I have a Burial Tag Event, Date & Place ... but no date or place of Death, and consequently no Death Tag (Event). This creates a few challenges in Reports and the Second Site Index, where such persons are shown with no Lifespan Termination Date. There aren't many records of a burial without a preceding death. Is it possible to make a global pass of the files so that a new Death Tag Event is created for every Burial where there is previously no Death Tag Event, perhaps with an implanted Date with a prefix such as "Bef" followed by the Burial Date ? I thought the TMG Utility could be harnessed to do this, but maybe not ? Any help, much appreciated. John Snelson