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  1. I have searched the TMG website for a list of new Timeline files (that I can add to my TMG8 database.) Plea: Will someone please help me find the TMG website location that has new Timeline files. Thanks, David
  2. Using Age Variable in Sentence Structure

    [AE] was the variable I was looking for. Many thanks for the guidance. David
  3. I wonder why the variable [A] can only be used when you have a date such as "Month - Day - Year"? The TMG7 variable [A] contains ONLY the Year !!! Suggest that the age variable [A] be calculated, by TMG7, when "Month - Day - Year", or "Month - Year", or "Year" is available. TMG7 presently uses a routine that should do the job; since it uses an age [A] variable on the detailed persons page. Comment: I seldom know the full "Month-Day-Year" but always know the "Year". How do I submit this as a suggestion to TMG7 programmers? David
  4. Descendancy Narrative Report

    Thanks for the info. For the life of me, I can't see the logic in a program requiring you enter the same sort date in two different places. There must be a reason. A warning message might be helpful. Thanks again for those replying to this request. David
  5. I have sorted undated tags such as "Alt. Names", "SSN", etc. to the bottom of my Person View. Yet this report continues to start each section with "His SSN is ......" or "He ......." for the first sentence immediately followed by "John Doe, son of Mr. Doe and Mrs. Doe, was born ......." What do I have to do to get these sentences in the proper order? (i.e. "John Doe, son of Mr. Doe and Mrs. Doe, was born ....." to be the first sentence) I thought I had this problem fixed once ..... but unfortunately it has returned again. David
  6. Thanks Virginia, That is where I found mine .... just checking to make sure I was looking in the right place. Getting GREAT SUPPORT from Phil (TMG Technical Support). He has me to the correct URL now; but the programmers still need to add the necessary routing information such as 1) Site 2) State 3) County 4) Type i.e. Populated etc. to the URL address. Hope Phil and the TMG programmers can finish solving this new location database option problem. Later, David
  7. Can someone tell me where the TMG7.03 file "placeinfo.ini" should be located? I am using Vista Ultimate "32bit" and have TMG7.03 installed using the "just for me" option.
  8. Phil, Wholly Genes Tech Support, has been helping me with a frustrating problem I am having; trying to use the TMG7.03 "Look up this place on the web" icon (the globe icon found on the Edit Place screen). I wonder if anyone else has noticed this new problem (or is there a work-around solution) Steps to Duplicate the Problem: 1) Choose Master Place List 2) Double click any location on the Master Place List screen 3) Left click on the second icon (globe) "Look up this place on the web" 4) Choose the first option "U.S. Geographic Name Information Service (GNIS) 5) Click "Select" Problem: Instead of going to the OLD GNIS screen (so that I can find the Lat/Long coordinates of the location) TMG7.03 takes me to a FIPS55 screen with no helpful information except for a PLACE CODE. If I select this PLACE CODE the FIPS55 site forwards me to another FIPS55 QUERY FORM screen that has absolutely no location information on it. I need to go to the old GNIS screen at http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic. How can I fix this problem? Phil and I have checked our placeinfo.ini files and find that my file matches the one he has at tech support. Sure need some help on this one. David
  9. Anyone have a favorite TMG color (*.col) file that you might share with me/us? Any help would be greatly appreciated. David