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  1. I had a 'perfect storm' recently and found myself having to buy a new PC when my WIndows XP machine died. But: I had all my TMG files backed up on the 'cloud'. I moved to a Windows 8 machine with a solid state drive (c:\) and a 2 terabyte hard drive (e.:\). The programs go onto the solid state drive so that they all start quickly. Everything else (documents, photos, exhibits) goes onto the hard drive e:\. Drove me NUTS trying to install TMG because of permission issues with Windows 8 and using an Administrator vs User account, but finally got it. I deleted ALL TMG folders that had been created thru multiple attempts at install. Then I downloaded the latest install package (the '30 day free trial') from Wholly Genes, and it installed beautifully and I pasted my serial number in. The Sample project works beautifully. BUT - my backup is a TMG v 7 Gold edition (not 9) *.sqz file. When I use my TMG v 9 Gold edition and click "Restore" and choose my *.sqz file, I keep getting file access errors. My process includes unclicking the "use default path" for exhibits, as I use mostly external exhibits. The first error I get is "file access denied...local\temp\tmg#####" abort/retry/ignore. If I click "ignore", I get "input file read error. This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is locked or restricted by another process". (This isn't a zip file, but it is a .sqz file. I think that's why this error is generated.) If I press on, and hit "ignore" again, TMG v 9 seems to complete the restore process (bars fill, etc.) and I get a "Restore Complete" message. Then I get "alias not found" error followed by many similar errors, then "array dimensions not valid". Sounds like errors generated from an improperly compiled database... I'm thinking that Windows 8 is 'protecting' me and by not allowing me access to the temp file, causing these errors. I'm using my Admin logon to install TMG. I know this is hideously complex - a restore from an older version AND a move in operating systems, but I could sure use some advice. I'm getting the shakes because it's been two weeks since I've been able to work with TMG and I'm going through cold turkey withdrawal! Can someone help?
  2. Jim: That was all the hint I needed. I went back to the original files, ran File Integrity check, then regenerated my SQZ backup file, took it to my new computer via Sneakernet, reinstalled TMG v 9 on my Windows 8 PC and - bing - all is good. Now I just need to work thru putting all my external exhibits back, but that will just take patience. For the sake of others who may have the same problem I had when I first tried installing TMG: If you get a "Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specific log file location exists and is writable" message - the solution is simple. Be sure you're using the Administrator account on your Windows 8 PC to do the install. You can't run the install from a user-level account and expect to get a pop-up prompting you to enter an Admin password. I'm patting myself on the back. On Monday, I picked up my new WIndows 8 PC. I'd never seen Windows 8. By Tuesday, I had the machine up and running all the software I was used to using - Picasa, OpenOffice, SOSOnlineBackup, all my security and utility software... and now, thanks to the kindness of Jim, I've gotten my beloved TMG restored. Hallelujah!!! And thank you again, Jim!
  3. I was restoring from my E:\ hard drive. I will try regenerating my SQZ file, then will see what happens when I install TMG on the C:\ drive AND put the SQZ file on the C:\ drive, too. Thank you!!
  4. I also tried moving my SQZ file to the E:/ drive before doing the restore. Same errors. Here's TMG's log error file contents: 11-04-14, 12:28:09 1705File access is denied c:\...\local\temp\tmg44865560\john and fancher families for charlie__.pjc. 186 FRMWIZRESTORE.WIZPAGEFRAME1.PAGE2.CON.MANALIZE 11-04-14, 12:28:25 13Alias is not found. 1933 FIX_68 11-04-14, 12:28:27 13Alias is not found. 1935 FIX_68 11-04-14, 12:28:28 13Alias 'FILE_T' is not found. 1947 FIX_68 11-04-14, 12:28:28 13Alias 'FILE_C' is not found. 13 FIX_70 11-04-14, 12:28:28 13Alias 'FILE_C' is not found. 14 FIX_70 11-04-14, 12:28:28 13Alias 'FILE_C' is not found. 20 FIX_70 11-04-14, 12:28:29 13Alias 'FILE_C' is not found. 21 FIX_70 11-04-14, 12:28:29 96Nesting error. 25 FIX_70 11-04-14, 12:28:29 13Alias 'FILE_T' is not found. 4207 ADDROLESV8 11-04-14, 12:28:29 13Alias is not found. 4208 ADDROLESV8 11-04-14, 12:28:29 13Alias 'FILE_A' is not found. 2296 FIX_75 11-04-14, 12:28:30 13Alias is not found. 2297 FIX_75 11-04-14, 12:28:31 52No table is open in the current work area. 2306 FIX_75 11-04-14, 12:30:50 13Alias 'ODS' is not found. 9 CUSPLCOLUMNMANAGER.MRECALCDS
  5. I *love* TMG and have used it for a LONG time. I'd like to see it last. But the purchasing process for the upgrade is so flawed (and I'm not talking installation, just purchase) I'm wondering... First - I've got a master's in an IT field and have been working in it for nearly 30 years. I found this mildly irritating for myself, but I know, from watching family and friends, that they would GIVE UP in frustration if faced with the same issues. I wanted to installed v7 on my new PC. I have 6.12 on my old PC. I go to the website on the new PC and it asks for a license #. I go to my old version, look for a license # in the Help/About area, where most software keeps it. No license # but a serial #. I go to tech support on the website and look for "6 license" and find complaints that WG doesn't identify that serial=license, just a self-justifying "not our problem" response saying you need to hang onto your old license email, blah blah. Guys - just put "license/serial#" into this page: http://www.whollygenes.com/Merchant2/merch...&Quantity=1 Second: the serial # is a THIRTYTWO character string. And there's no way to tell from the font used which characters are "zeros" and which are letter "Oh's". I ended up coping and pasting and mailing the number and bringing up my email program on the second PC. Yeah, maybe it's in the OLD OLD email but that's not a thing that's a given, and we aren't told ON THAT PAGE that it's in our in our old email, either. You may live with this and know it down to your socks, but most people don't. Even those of us who are pros get serial#/license #'s 30 different ways - email, yes, but also packages, websites, etc. Third: I got all the way thru the order process, filling in all the fields (I use Roboform, so it's just a couple clicks) and THEN I'm told the serial number is bad. Dudes - do that right after I fill in the serial number, OK? And HELP ME find and fill it in. Many website have little popups showing people where the security code is on their credit cards, or little 'help' links. You should, too. Fourth: After I got the error message about stop, your license # is bad and you could be billed twice (I pity your accounting department) or some such, there is NO WAY for me to TRY AGAIN from there. And no obvious way to empty my cart. I had to 'remove' the upgrade order, then start over. Three times. Guys - at least make your purchasing easy. And quit blaming the customer.
  6. TMG 7.0 upgrade

    I understand that. The problem is that so many things use that (and vary)... program, Help, website, different parts of the store, registration emails, etc. We, as your customers, DON'T CARE. We *do* want to be able to BUY your product quickly and easily. All we're asking is that during the purchasing process, you identify that the SERIAL number = license #. Most software vendors TELL YOU WHERE TO FIND THIS INFO WHEN THEY WANT YOU TO BUY THEIR STUFF. You aren't hearing your customers. We're hitting a speed bump where a simple edit to the purchasing process would take care of it. And I know. I've worked in IT since 1980. Thanks.