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Found 3 results

  1. I am new to TMG and purchased V9 after being impressed with the trial version. I installed V9 on a one-year old Lenovo running Win8 that is in as good working order as a Windows product can be. [Not so subtle request to create a Mac Version of TMG.] [issue 1] Unfortunately, TMG frequently freezes and often crashes forcing me to create backups every few moments. I had been creating backups only once per day, but the project cannot be reopened after a crash [error messages reference missing tables]. This is very annoying. [issue 2] Additionally, I am required to unlock the program EVERY TIME MS forces me to do a Windows update, which is insanely often. I have read most of the user's manual and searched for help on this topic. I did check to see if the size of my project was a factor, but the manual gives the impression size is not a factor [ <27,000 individuals in one project spread over ~70 data sets]. Legacy and FTM do not react adversely with the same data. I love the design of the program enough that I'm searching for a solution. If this is not resolved soon, however, I will have to find an alternative as I cannot reallocate my limited research time to re-entering my data every time TMG has a brain fart.
  2. I had a 'perfect storm' recently and found myself having to buy a new PC when my WIndows XP machine died. But: I had all my TMG files backed up on the 'cloud'. I moved to a Windows 8 machine with a solid state drive (c:\) and a 2 terabyte hard drive (e.:\). The programs go onto the solid state drive so that they all start quickly. Everything else (documents, photos, exhibits) goes onto the hard drive e:\. Drove me NUTS trying to install TMG because of permission issues with Windows 8 and using an Administrator vs User account, but finally got it. I deleted ALL TMG folders that had been created thru multiple attempts at install. Then I downloaded the latest install package (the '30 day free trial') from Wholly Genes, and it installed beautifully and I pasted my serial number in. The Sample project works beautifully. BUT - my backup is a TMG v 7 Gold edition (not 9) *.sqz file. When I use my TMG v 9 Gold edition and click "Restore" and choose my *.sqz file, I keep getting file access errors. My process includes unclicking the "use default path" for exhibits, as I use mostly external exhibits. The first error I get is "file access denied...local\temp\tmg#####" abort/retry/ignore. If I click "ignore", I get "input file read error. This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is locked or restricted by another process". (This isn't a zip file, but it is a .sqz file. I think that's why this error is generated.) If I press on, and hit "ignore" again, TMG v 9 seems to complete the restore process (bars fill, etc.) and I get a "Restore Complete" message. Then I get "alias not found" error followed by many similar errors, then "array dimensions not valid". Sounds like errors generated from an improperly compiled database... I'm thinking that Windows 8 is 'protecting' me and by not allowing me access to the temp file, causing these errors. I'm using my Admin logon to install TMG. I know this is hideously complex - a restore from an older version AND a move in operating systems, but I could sure use some advice. I'm getting the shakes because it's been two weeks since I've been able to work with TMG and I'm going through cold turkey withdrawal! Can someone help?
  3. I have had a go with the recent "Consumer Preview" of Windows 8. It is supposedly based on Win7 under the skin, but instead of the "Start Menu", there is a screen full of large rectangular buttons, supposedly to look like an MS smartphone. Note that I said "instead of". That little button in the corner that gave you access to all those apps and utilities, carefully arranged into a hierarchy, is gone. All the apps now have to fight for space with the big rectangular blocks for the Music Player, the Video Player, the Facebook Application, the Twitter Application, the XBOX Live Application... Real applications lose. They are shoved off the right hand edge. The approach probably makes sense to phone users, who can scroll through hundreds of apps, bragging about the sheer number they have bought, but some of us prefer some organisation in our environment. And I thought that things were bad when I saw users with a traditional Windows desktop stuffed full of icons. The OS installed easily enough. But would it work with a real-world application? What had I handy? TMG 8.01. My usual laptop runs XP, but I've also run on Win7 without hassles. I'm sorry, Wholly Genes, Windows 8 isn't your fault. I know you are doing your best. It's just that sometimes one of your major suppliers stabs you in the back. TMG had the benefit for this test that the underlying database software is from MS, so it stood a good chance of being supported by them. So, I ran the install. A few seconds later, when the installer got busy copying files around, Win8 leapt in with a message saying that the installer had "stopped responding" and "will be shut down". I avoided the "OK" button and hit the cross in the top right, hoping to avoid the termination. It was terminated. Note especially that you don't get the chance to wait a bit longer. Windows Has Decided! Windows Is Always Right! I ran the install again, and it got further (many files were already in position), and I had a couple of error messages about the PDF printer. I can live without that for a test, so I hit ignore. I am left with an installed TMG8, so I run it. It starts up and starts building indexes for the sample databases, just as normal. Before it finishes, "TMG has stopped responding and will be shut down". Two loadings later and I have a chance to restore my SQZ, which has about 12000 people and a host of exhibits. I take the easy course and let TMG restore the exhibits to the default exhibit path, thinking I'd sort them out later. Many of the exhibits are referenced by multiple people (pictures of churches etc) so I took "don't overwrite" option when given a chance. Bad move. "...will be shut down" appeared three times before I reran the restore using "overwrite all". On XP or 7, using "don't overwrite" would restore the exhibits in about 40 seconds. "Overwrite" takes about 25 minutes. This version of Windows appears to have Attention Deficit Disorder. If an application fails to display a new message on screen every 20 seconds or so, Windows 8 assumes that it is faulty and kills it off. To see whether my logic was true, I moved on to "Validate File Integrity", so I could fix the paths for the exhibits. The process starts, then reaches 3%, which is where it is checking the exhibits. TMG at this point is performing many thousands of system calls as it checks the locations of those exhibits. Windows 8 assumes that it is doing nothing at all useful "and will be shut down". It took EIGHT runs through Validate before TMG got a chance to fill in the paths for my exhibits. Needless to say that I will NOT be trusting my databases to any PC running Windows 8 until I have conducted much testing on a proper release. Probably not even then. Windows 7 is a much more sensible option.