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  1. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    An update: Now I find that I have a fourth "mystery exhibit" that says it's not linked but when I look it is actually linked. This is a person who I was working on recently, and I just placed the exhibit, which was linked solely to her Person page and nowhere else. It's a photo of her tombstone. It is still in the Image window and when clicked on it comes up to full size, but Last VFI lists the exhibit as missing: 05-12-2021, 18:15:24 !>C:\Users\CJD\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\DC Lina Linke.png not found. Something appears serious wrong here. Carl
  2. I have a strange problem: When I run VFI it reports that I have three exhibits which were not found. TMGU reports that everything with the exhibits is copacetic -- finds no problems at all. When I look at the LastVFI log it says; 29-10-2021, 14:05:17 !>C:\Users\CJD\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\CHD BIRTH CERTIFICATE.TIF not found. 29-10-2021, 14:05:17 !>C:\Users\CJD\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\CHD Birth Certificate.jpg not found. 29-10-2021, 14:05:17 !>C:\Users\CJD\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\2007-03-03_SAD Birth Certificate.jpg not When I look at the exhibits for the persons thus identified nothing appears amiss. I've tried to delete these files and then add them back, but that doesn't seem to help either. I'm left wondering if there may be some corrupt pointers that are pointing other locations than the ones specific, which are correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Carl
  3. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    Thanks, Jim and Michael. I've now tried to focus on all the possibilities and paged through all the exhibits and none of them indicate that they are not properly linked. I'm becoming increasingly suspicious that there is some corruption in my database. I had a problem with that a number of years ago and cleaned everything up at that time, and all has been good since then until now. Not sure what's going on. Any further suggestions welcome. -- Carl
  4. Missing Exhibits TMGU Can't Find

    Jim: I don't think I ever edited an image exhibit in TMG, but I suppose it's possible. How would I go about removing any such images records from the exhibit table? Thanks. -- Carl
  5. When I run VFI it reports "2 exhibits not found." It seems in the past when I had this problem, I could find the persons associated with the missing exhibits by running John Cardinal's TMG Utility. But TMGU now reports no missing exhibits. I also thought I recalled that TMG itself kept a log of these things, but I can't find it. The Last Backup Log only tells me the numbers of the missing exhibits, not which person's they were attached to: image >291 - C:\Users\cjden\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\Sarah Smith 1850 Census.jpg image >292 - C:\Users\cjden\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\Sarah Smith 1850 Census.jpg So, how to I find where these exhibits are actually missing in the my database? Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give me. Carl
  6. Can't find missing exhibits

    Thanks, Jim, for solving this problem for me. Just wanted to thank you publicly here, in addition to via private email! Carl
  7. Can't find missing exhibits

    Thanks, Jim. I'll do that now. Just getting back to genealogy after the holidays. -- Carl
  8. Can't find missing exhibits

    Jim, The problem is that I don't have the slightest idea what they are linked to. I've check all the obvious places -- exhibits, citations, people, linked to this Sarah Smith. This is my direct line and I have three Sarahs in a row, and I've checked all three -- one was Sarah Smith by birth and the other Smith is her married name. I can see no logical place where this link points to. I'm almost certain that in the past, I've been able to find similar missing links via TMG Utility by John Cardinal, but it comes up empty in this case and reports that everything is fine. I'm stumped. Your solution, unless I misunderstand it, would take forever and a day to hunt down these two missing links. Got to be an easier way! ;-) Carl
  9. Can't find missing exhibits

    Doris, thanks for the suggestion, but that would not solve the problem. TMG would still report the two missing exhibits. I have to find where TMG is linked to these now non-existing exhibits, and delete the link. -- Carl
  10. Can't find missing exhibits

    Thanks, Jim, that was log I was looking for. I had forgotten where it was located. However, in this case it still doesn't give me the information that I need. It simply says: "23-11-2019, 17:05:25 !>C:\Users\cjden\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\Sarah Smith 1850 Census.jpg not found. 23-11-2019, 17:05:25 !>C:\Users\cjden\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Exhibits\Sarah Smith 1850 Census.jpg not found." This only tells me name of the missing file, which I already knew, not who or what file was formerly attached to. I've checked all the obvious places, like Sarah and her husband, their births and deaths, and children, etc., and I can't find exactly where the incorrect reference to this non-existent file is located. I remember in the past when I had this problem, it was relatively easy to pin down but not this time. I also know when this problem started. I renamed "Sarah Smith 1850 Census" to "1850 U.S. Census Sarah Smith" in order to be consistent with my naming of other census files. I then re-referenced the logical people and events to refer to this renamed file and deleted the references to the old file name. I obviously missed two that need to be deleted, but where oh where are they? ;-) Any further ideas? Carl
  11. I have a problem that I can't find a solution to on your web site or in your book. This morning I import a GEDCOM file that has details I didn't have on one branch of my family. The import went well and I then merged the imported dataset into my main dataset. I then, of course, had to merge several individuals who were duplicated. All of that is now accomplished; however, I've got one remaining issue. For some reason each citation of his sources was imported as a separate instance of the source rather than a citation to the same source. In other words, he had about ten or so sources that were cited multiple times, but each citation of a specific source resulted in the generation of a new source rather than referencing the original source. As a result I have several hundred sources that need to be merged. I know how to do this one-by-one, but I wondered if there was a way to do a bulk merge. I've looked at John's TMG Utility and didn't see a way to accomplish this via that route. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks. Carl
  12. Thanks, Jim. You've answered all of my questions. I think I will renumber the sources just to satisfy my sense of orderliness. ;-) -- Carl
  13. Well, I bit the bullet and finished the job manually in TMG. You were correct, John it was more like 600 sources sans citations that I had to delete. I had thought that it was only ones that weren't merged because they had zero citations that I had to worry about. I didn't understand the algorithm -- each merger in TMGU simply transferred the citations from X to Y, but left Y in place with zero citations. At any rate, it's all done now. I do have two more questions: 1. Would it be a good idea to renumber the sources, since I now have several big gaps in the numbering? 2. Why would I be getting thousands of problems corrected with the Validate File Integrity utility each time I make a large number of source deletions and mergers? In terms of the second question, I always run the VFI a second time after it makes a large number of corrections like this, and in these cases it always returns zero problems on the second run.
  14. Well, John, it's only about 120 or so that I have delete -- not 600. There were originally 600 of one duplicated source that were combined into one, except 80 were left out because of no citation, in the one case. I have some other residuals from other combined sources that probably bring that 80 up to 120 to 150. So, I guess I'll just do it manually! Ugh! -- Carl
  15. John, Thanks so much -- your suggestion worked wonderfully and I've now combined a number of duplicate sources. I do have one remaining problem in that in combining the duplicate sources it only combined sources that actually had citations so I'm left with a number of sources without citations that I'd like to simply delete. For example a source with the strange name of James Harvey Barton.FTW (my cousin's method of citing information he got from another cousin) was listed about 600 times. Using TMGU I was able to combine about 520 of these. About 80 did not have any citations and were just left as residual garbage, pardon the expression. Is there an easy way just to mass delete sources with no citations? FYI: This particular GEDCOM import contains very interesting links, which I have independent sources for, which I will be adding in good time, taking my SHARP line back to Ireland. Thanks again for all of your help. You've saved me a lot of time! Carl
  16. I get an error code and a message when I try to send a report to PDF. The message says "Printer not activated, error code -30." However, if I try to install the printer it says it's already installed. I seem to be in a Catch22 here. I'm using TMG 9.05. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. -- Carl
  17. Thanks, guys. I must admit all this still leaves me pretty confused. It's late and I'm going to bed. I'll try to tackle this tomorrow.
  18. For the last two weeks, I've been experiencing weird start-up behavior. This all started after I did extensive work one day on the screen of Thomas Denbow, late of the 77th OVI. Now, every time I start TMG, it goes to his page, and all of the most recent people that I've worked on are erased from the View screen's list of recent people and it reverts to the list that would have been current when I worked on the aforementioned Thomas' Person screen. I've tried all the various maintenance options, and nothing seems to solve this problem. I also posted this question on TMG-L and there were several suggestions made, none of which worked. No matter what I've tried, I can't get back to the default of opening TMG to the last person worked on and retaining the current View list. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. While this is a relatively minor annoyance, it is an annoyance nonetheless. Carl
  19. This problem has now been solved thanks to astute comments by Jim Byram and John Cardinal pointing to the PJC file. As it turned out the file had somehow been set as "read only." Removing that restriction solved the problem. Thanks guys! -- Carl
  20. Thanks, Jim. Repair install did not solve the problem. I will send you the PJC file as you suggest. -- Carl
  21. I tried using Dropbox in this manner for a brief period of time. It caused all kinds of problems with my data, which took a long to recover from. I was very careful to only use one computer at a time on the Dropbox data files and always gave enough time for changes made on one computer to "sync" through the Dropbox system before usnig TMG on the other computer. Nonetheless, corruption of my dataset occurred. One of the strangest, just by way of example, is that my father's death date was assigned to me, my wife, our children and my siblings. Therefore, I highly recommend NOT using this procedure. What I've been doing more recently, that seems to be successful, is to place my TMG data files on a removable flash drive. Then I make sure that each computer has this drive assigned to the same letter (I chose "Y:"). I also make backups on a regular basis to a NAS and to the cloud. Dropbox is OK for this purpose. I know that this is an old thread, but I wanted to let anyone who reads it know about my experience before they trash some of their data. A word to the wise should be sufficient.
  22. TMG7 Default folders

    Can anyone tell me where this Data_path.txt file is supposed to be? I did a complete search of the relevant HD and I can't find it anywhere. If I must create it from "whole cloth" please tell me what directory it is to be placed in and what the syntax is for the various path information it is to contain. Thanks very much. Carl
  23. TMG & iphone

    Reunion has just released an iPhone app. You have to have Reunion on a Mac. Then it will sync that Mac file with your iPhone over your home network. It's pretty slick. What I've been doing is to export my TMG GEDCOM file to a Buffalo NAS that I have online and then import it into Reunion on my MAC. The rest is a snap. Just fire up your iPhone Reunion app, and viola -- you've got your whole GEDCOM on your iPhone in a very nice interface. However, while Reunion for the iPhone will do photos, you have to import them separately since GEDCOM is only text-based. P.S. I'm still basically a Windows guy, but I've been dabbling on the "dark side" here recently since both of my daughters and my son-in-law are big Mac advocates.