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  1. synchronize to online family tree

    My wife who is a much more experienced genealogist then I, says the TMG users probably would not want to sync with family search family tree because of the many errors that keep getting repeated by people who think they know something but have no proof. They are able to make changes to the person they have no proof for, when the person who has proof has to argue about it. It is very frustrating for the people who have proof and know what they are doing to have to keep changing it to what they know is correct and have the paperwork to back it up. The people who are developing family search family tree are working hard on this problem and have made some progress, but some of the same problems remain.
  2. TMG V-9

    Thanks Virginia..I wonder if they are planning to sync it in a future release?
  3. TMG V-9

    Thanks ggilbert1 and Michael.. I am also wondering if TMG v-9 syncs with family search family tree?
  4. TMG V-9

    Will TMG V9 work with 64 bit systems in win 7 and MAC and linux?
  5. CD

    Can I purchase a CD of v 7.04 instead of using a slow download? I already have v6 gold.