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  1. Printer not activated, error code -30 (from VCF)

    Thanks Virginia - I'll jump over to that forum an have a read. Regards
  2. Printer not activated, error code -30 (from VCF)

    I know that but at least your post told me how to get rid of it and reinstall it I just picked it because TMG V8 added it and I couldn't see any other way to print to PDF from VCF. I already have an Adobe PDF Printer installed and obviously it works fine - I've also used ones like CutePDF and Bullzip before. The only reason I tried this is someone at our user group meeting brought this up as a problem - so they obviously thought it was how you did it. I hadn't seen it before. It failed at the meeting (under a Win XP V8 installation). It failed when I tried it at home which is why I posted this message. Well what is it used for then and why is it there as a printer that I 'seemingly' can use - I can select it. Thanks Peter
  3. Platform Win7 Professional 64bit SP1 TMG Ver 8.01 UK Gold When I generate a simple Ancestor Descendant Chart from TMG, it generates the chart and shows it to me in VCF. If I try to print it to the 'Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4', I get an activation error alert box like this: Activation Error Printer not activated, error code -30 It in fact does this when I try to use that printer from anywhere (eg: MS Word 2010). Following Jim's V8 Tips, I removed the printer from 'Printers and Faxes', searched for the dll Jim suggested cdintf400.dll and found this dll file in C:windowssystem32spooldriversx643 C:windowssysWOW64 I deleted it in both places, and went into TMG to install the PDF printer. That process appeared to work fine and said it installed properly. Unfortunately the error is still there when I go back to try to use it again. Any thoughts or suggestions? Regards Peter