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  1. Consider marrying both Johannis' to Tryntje then linking the two Jonannis' together. Add comments for each about the problem. You still have only one set of parents for Johannis and Tryntje's kids but at least the problem is documented.
  2. Printing Exhibit Info

    Thanks. I'll check Second Site.
  3. Printing Exhibit Info

    I have several hundred Exhibits, almost all with embedded Property Descriptions, Info and other data. How do I get these Descriptions and other information to print when I print the Exhibit?
  4. Purchasing TMG V9.05

    Are new, usable, version 9.05 copies of TMG still available for purchase anywhere (along with the unlock key)? Where?
  5. Mass Correction of Names

    Thanks. I considered this but was overwhelmed by the mass of filters I would have to put in. [There are so many different kinds of errors.] I'll work under the "Best way to eat an elephant" theory ... one bite at a time.
  6. Reports will allow downloading to .CSV. Is there a way to upload from .CSV? A number of people have entered name data differently and put things under the wrong Tags. Take Suffix, for example: some are correct, some contain Titles, or Nicknames, or Name Variations. The variations are endless and we are talking about around 7,000 Names here. The easiest way I can think of to correct this is to download to Excel (via .CSV), make batch corrections, and upload, rather than pull up each person, one at a time. Is that possible? Is there a better way?
  7. spouse on ancestor chart

    I just have the marriage associated with the Spouse. For example, for Grandpa I show Birth and Death Dates but for the non-linear side of the family I show Birth, Marriage, and Death.
  8. Finding Exhibits

  9. Finding Exhibits

    I have a couple of hundred Exhibits, (mostly .JPGs of photos and articles), and a helpful soul has reorganized them for me with lots of subfolders within the Exhibits folder. He did a good job and I would like to keep his work, but now TMG 8.04 can't find any of the Exhibits. Is there a way for me to tell TMG where each Exibit's new permanent home is, one at a time? A global find won't work here. I would prefer to create a new path to existing Exhibits over re-creating them and re-entering the descriptions and other information.
  10. Changing a flag globally

    Virginia, The Flag Manager looks the same for all the standard flags except Multiple Birth. Multiple Birth shows "Y,N" in the Values column and that's all. In the Flags Window, Multiple Birth displays a "?" and I cannot change it.
  11. Changing a flag globally

    Virginia provided an image that illustrates my problem in her 04 December comment. Note that, in her image, there is a long list of options in the left column (the non-dimmed column). I am only presented with Y, and N and am not allowed to switch between them, but only for the Multiple Birth Flag. All other standard Flags work properly, that is to say: like the User Manual says they should work. This is beginning to look like a glitch and I will probably need to re-install TMG.
  12. Changing a flag globally

    When I open the Flag Window for any given person I can accept any of the options (?,F,M) for the Sex Flag. The same is true for all of the other Standard Flags except the Multiple Birth Flag. That Flag shows the options of Y and N in the left hand list, even though the greyed out detail area (the list on the right side) also mentions 2=Twin, 3=Triplets, and ?=Unknown. TMG defaults to ?, will not let me change to Y or N, and will not allow me to put in a 2 or 3.
  13. Changing a flag globally

    Thanks for the input. I have another flag question. On my system, standard flags - specifically the Multiple Birth flag show that you can put Y, N, 2=twin, 3=triplet, etc. into the flag but everything is greyed out so it will not let me change "Y" to "2" for twins. How do I remove the protection so I can change the Multiple Birth flag?
  14. My copy of TMG defaults to "(?) Unknown" for the Adoption Flag and I have accumulated thousands of people with that flag. How can I globally change the Unknowns to "(N) No" and make that the default for future entries? I can then go back and reset the few that don't fit that criteria to Yes or Unknown.
  15. Removing Exhibits

    I inherited a data set that I incorporated into my project. It turns out that the exhibits didn't come with it and are no longer available. The guide seems to tell me all about exhibits except how to remove references to them. How do I remove them from TMG 8.0?