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Found 7 results

  1. I just noticed that, somehow, my exhibit folder is not where I would choose for it to be. It is buried under my genealogy folders c:\Genealogy\Schreiner\MichaelShreiner_Fix\JohnSchreiner_Coby\MartinSchreinerAnnaKrupp\AnthonySchreiner_Westrick\MarcellaKSchreinerMead\CharlesMead3_Crawmer\ In examining the files, I notice a lot of files without an extension. 1. How can I move the exhibit folder? 2. What are the files with no file extension on them?
  2. I purchased a new computer. Installed TMG 9.05 Gold Edition fine. Started using it, adding data. Just noticed that when I close out and save, the program cannot find 510 exhibit files. A little further investigation reveals that the program is using a project file in a different location than I previously used. My original project file was C:\Genealogy\Projects. But now the program is pointing to a project file in a new location: C:\Users\ralphyost\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects. None of my exhibits have moved from their original locations. I downloaded the TMG Utility but do not see how to repair this problem. I am attaching the last backup log file. thank you for your help Last Backup.log
  3. Printing Exhibit Info

    I have several hundred Exhibits, almost all with embedded Property Descriptions, Info and other data. How do I get these Descriptions and other information to print when I print the Exhibit?
  4. I moved my TMG9.05 program and data from a Win-10 PC to a new Win-10 PC. Moved all the data and photos as well. I have many photos as images, all set as "external". A few thumbnails display but just a few of the 442. When I click to open any image, I get a error message "Memo File e:\documents\ .....\slideshw.fpt is missing or invalid". I select "ignore" and get to the Exhibit page which shows a frowny-face. The image properties display the correct file location. I checked the TMG9\Slideshow folder and do see files such as slideshw.dbf and a slidest.fpt , but no slideshw.fpt file. I did a clean install per Jim Byram using my 9.05 CD "Setup Wizard" with no improvement. Appreciate any ideas/help.
  5. I have had the Silver Edition for many years with no problems. I have been trying to add additional exhibits to various members of my tree with no success. It keeps coming up CTL3D.DLL not found. I have in the past managed to enter photo`s etc. but not know. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  6. When reading the Prime Exhibit for an Individual, I get an AccessViolationException, Attempted to Read or Write protected memory. Call is <DllImport("gbfunc.dll")> _ Public Shared Function GbPrimExhibit(ByVal First As Integer, ByVal Dest As StringBuilder, ByVal Message As StringBuilder) As Integer End Function where First = 1. (Also fails with First= 0) All other calls work fine, including GbExhibit,(which doesn't return prime exhibits.) Am exporting from TMG V 7.04.0000. Using VB.net VS 2010 Any help extremely gratefully accepted. Les
  7. External Exhibit Paths

    In TMG 7, I set up the following paths for my external exhibits. First level: E:\TMG exhibits\ Second level: hardcopy\ and imagespeople\ and imagesother\ and audio\ Third level (e.g, For the second level "imagespeople" folder): family1\ and family2\ and family3\ Fourth level: (e.g.For each of the Third level families folder): tif01, tif02 To place tif01 in a person's exhbit, I would open that person's exhibit log and "add". Then select the image at E:\TMG exhibits\imagespeople\family2\tif01. I did not check the paths properties so assumed all ok since the image appeared in the person's exhibit log. After installing TMG 8, I have not looked at the exhibit paths nor my TMG exhibits folder for some time. Just looked at the first level folder and all images still in the correct sub-folders. The new situations is that all the images in all the sub-folders under "imagespeople" are duplicated in the "imagespeople" folder. In addition, the paths for all the images in the exhibit logs refer to the duplicated images. Not the ones in the family sub-folders. The TMG V8 "current project option, exhibit folder" is set to: E:\TMG exhibits\imagespeople. Should have been the same in V7 but do not remember. Any idea what may have caused the duplication and the exhibit log path change (I assumed in V7 the path to the sub-folder was used)? Also, any suggestion as to how to change the exhibit log path back to the sub-folders? I have close to 1000 such images that are affected. Joe