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  1. Jim, Thanks for your help. I was able to find the "TMG V9 installer" folder in my ProgramData folder. I deleted the TMG... folder. I used my DVD "TMG V9 Installer" with the "TMG9Setup" then "Setup Wizard" then "Repair TMG V9". TMG opens as usual but no Help or Help Contents. From the main Help Tab, I am able to open Tips & Hints and Message Manager and all the rest of the Help drop-down list EXCEPT FAQ web site, Onguied Tour, and Comp. Products. Also, , none of the "Help" buttons in the various drop-downs respond to show Help. Thx, Ed
  2. Sentence Problem

    You got that perfect; I did not have the Role of the Principal set to "Deceased". I totally neglected that setting (admitting that I have never used that setting). When I set the Role, all went well. I'm now aware of that option and will extend the use of that feature. Many thanks, Ed
  3. Ver. 9.05. I can't figure out when this went wrong but when I click on Help or Help Contents, nothing happens. Most of the other topics open under the Help Tab. Thanks for any ideas, Ed Zwieback
  4. Sentence Problem

    I'm using TMG V. 9.05 but I think my issue; "unknown person" , is close to this subject. I add a witness, Erasmia D., to the death of Irma S. . The "Edit witness" screen shows the sentence structure as follows; [RP:Witness] witnessed [R:Deceased]'s death <[D]> <[L]>. <[M2].> . The "Witness Sentence" Preview reads: "She witnessed an unknown person 's death on 07 May 1971 in Home for the Elderly, See g. 9, Wien,09, Wien, Austria". The language is set for; English (U.S.) in the Edit witness screen. Same language setting as for the TMG FILE\Language . Is there any other place to check for language settings ? Thanks for advice on this.
  5. Jim, I did just as you advised and it solved the problem (no more error message). Now, I have to gather up my messed-up "external" images and save them as internal images. Many thanks for the clear and prompt help. Ed
  6. I moved my TMG9.05 program and data from a Win-10 PC to a new Win-10 PC. Moved all the data and photos as well. I have many photos as images, all set as "external". A few thumbnails display but just a few of the 442. When I click to open any image, I get a error message "Memo File e:\documents\ .....\slideshw.fpt is missing or invalid". I select "ignore" and get to the Exhibit page which shows a frowny-face. The image properties display the correct file location. I checked the TMG9\Slideshow folder and do see files such as slideshw.dbf and a slidest.fpt , but no slideshw.fpt file. I did a clean install per Jim Byram using my 9.05 CD "Setup Wizard" with no improvement. Appreciate any ideas/help.
  7. Troublesome Issues

    I just started having the same "Repair, then "Project in use"" problem. I'm using Win-10 , v. 1511, and TMG v. 9.05 (on a CD as of Dec'14) . The Sample project always opens . I have rebooted the PC. I have uninstalled TMG per Jim Byram's useful post of 12/10/14, more than once. 1st time, installed with existing S/N. 2nd time, installed as "Trial Copy"; I unlocked with my purchased S/N. Ran TMG as Admin. Sample project always opens.. Last attempt, Repair mode not open and trying to open my projects (3); always showed "Project in use elsewhere". Appreciate any help. Thanks, Ed Zwieback California
  8. PDF Printer Not Activated error code 20

    I have Win 8 64-bit and TMG v.8.08. I can't produce (Save-To) a report in PDF format as TMD displays error: "printer not activated error code -20". As advised above, I did go into my regedit and did change the HKEY CURRENT-CONFIG Permissions ( Security Tab) Full Control from unchecked to checked. In Printers, I do show a "Wholly Genes PDF Writers V4 Properties" installed. I rebooted and still have the printer-not-activated-error-20. Please advise
  9. Problem Printing PDF Reports

    Virginia, Rebooting the PC did the trick. After rebooting, the W/G PDF Writer 4 showed no documents in the Printer queue. Then I was able to create a PDF document using TMG v.8. TMG v8 works well and these PDF files look good. So, my problem probably started with the Writer 4 Port NOT set to "nul", as this was the real change I made (from "LPT1". BTW, the previous PDF files made on 5/23, cannot be opened and the Reader reports "not supported... or damaged". Many thanks for your help..
  10. Problem Printing PDF Reports

    Virginia, Thanks; Looks like you have a point. WG PDF Writer 4 still has 4 documents (stuck?) in the printer que and cannot be deleted. When I click on "cancel all docs", the Status shows "Deleting" for all docs but they are not deleted. Maybe I need to re-install W/G PDF Writer 4 but how?
  11. Problem Printing PDF Reports

    Thanks for all the help. Still have TMG v. 8.04. I just went ahead and did exactly as described above; W.G. PDF Writer 4 (located in Devices and Printers) was "installed" but had a "problem" symbol showing. Then I changed the Port to "nul", as it was checked for LPT1. PDF Writer 4 is not set as my Default printer. I note a little "2 heads" symbol on the PDF Writer 3, but no "2 heads" symbol on PDF Writer 4 "printer". I then tried to create a PDF report; Destination , "Save to: PDF". TMG started creating report, a flag displayed "Please Wait", the cursor disappeared. After at least 5-min., I tried to see the report and TMG screen went grey "Not Responding". I did see the PDF file listed in the Report folder. Trying to open the file caused a flag; "error opening the document..... file open or in use". Finally, when I look at the PDF Writer 4 to "see whats printing..", I see the list of attempts (4 so far) to create a PDF file. BTW, I still have TMG v.7 and PDF Writer 3 installed; any conflict there?
  12. Problem Printing PDF Reports

    I have TMG V8.04 on Win7 64-bit. When I try to create a report in PDF format, TMG hangs up (program "not responding"). On Printers, I show Wholly Genes PDF Writer v3 installed and the Port checked is NewPort. Please advise.
  13. Conversion Error #14

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think I found my problem. The problem probably occurred when I did not specify a good file name and location in the "file name" space within the "Save To" function. I am now able to create the Word documents as I did in V.6. thanks for the reply.
  14. I'm using TMG V. 7.01, on a Vista SP1 PC, with MS Word 2007. I am trying to save a Individual Detail or Individual Narrative to a "Word for Windows" (.DOC) file and can't do it. I always get "Conversion Error #14; Could not create destination file". I have selected "Word for Windows 2000 or later" as there is no option for "Word 2007" . I can't find any help for "conversion error #14". Is there a list of these errors anywhere? I can save a file when I choose ASCI text so the report is created with Notepad. Perhaps the error #14 concerns some settings in my Word 2007 (not listed in TMG options) ?
  15. I just got the "structure missing" message again on loading TMG, after many (50?) loadings of TMG without a problem. I'm using TMG v 6.12 and WinXP.