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  1. Finding split cds

    Joe, I did that with most of my sources that used split CDs some years ago. My article on that process at http://tmg.reigelridge.com/Sources-convert.htm may offer useful tips. I didn't have any trouble finding the sources involved because they all used Source Types that were designed to use split CDs. I think I use a list of sources with a filter for those Source Types to locate them, but it was pretty easy to spot them in the Master Source List anyway. I suppose you could filter the List of Citations for the bars but I'm not sure how you specify that. Hopefully someone else will offer a suggestion on that.
  2. Residence tags

    That is the Residence Tag for them. You can change the labeling in their Person View by editing the Residence Tag, Other tab. At the top left, under Display Witnessed Tags, change As "Witness" to Using the Label Above. I think that will do what you want.
  3. Residence tags

    Bob, I don't understand the issue with the Person View - the tag does appear for each person. For the FGS Jim is correct - you the Sentence doesn't help.
  4. Residence tags

    Why don't you change the Sentence for the Witnesses so it says what you mean?
  5. Witnesses not showing on subject screen

    It happens from time to time with quite a few users. I've never figured out how it gets accidentally changed either.
  6. Journal Reports

    You're welcome. The three journal formats are intended to replicate the standards of the respective journals. They do that by manipulating the various options on the Miscellaneous tab. Custom lets you set those options yourself. When you choose Custom it starts with the settings of the last journal option you has selected. That's what is supposed to do. I've never tried it, but I recall comments that there were issues with it, but don't know whether the issues were with TMG or with Word. I recall hearing separately that the master document feature in Word had issues, but that's some time ago so don't know whether it applies to current versions. Please let us know if you try it what your results are. That will reduce the number of notes, and I think the number, rather than the volume, of notes is the issue with Word but since M/S won't explain what the issue actually is it's hard to know.
  7. Witnesses not showing on subject screen

    This a simple issue, and re-installing is not going to help - it seldom does. The key is that you have somehow filtered the events so witnessed events are not shown. Right-click on any tag in the main tag box. About half way down the right-click menu you will see "Filtered for." Click on that, then click on which ever filter has a check mark in front of it to remove that mark.
  8. I'd guess the issue is that the repository is not marked as Primary. On the Attachments tab, see if there is a " * " in front of the Repository number. If not, highlight the Repository and click the [ * ] button.
  9. Journal Reports

    If you create large files for Word with many footnotes or endnotes you will not be able to open them - Word will give a meaningless error message that totally disguises the fact that the issue is number of notes. Try Jim's suggestions to use other word processors and/or output in RTF format.
  10. Sentence structure

    Ruth, There are a couple of ways. Adding an exclusion mark as John suggested in the empty name field should do it. Or you can change the name variable in the Sentence to one that doesn't call for the missing name element.
  11. Locked Out of TMG9

    Abrosz, On the Help menu, choose Technical Support. On the screen that opens, click the Trouble Report button at the lower left. When prompted, let it open in your word processor. Near the top will be the name, email address, and serial number. Copy and paste each of them in when you enter the serial number as Jim has directed above.
  12. Moving TMG v9.05 to new computer with TMG v9

    I assume that by "download software" you mean download the TMG installer. The answer to "how long" is nobody can tell you that. The answer to can you get disks is no. If you intend to keep using TMG you should have already downloaded the appropriate installer as Jim directs above, and saved a copy of it and your serial number in a safe place. See my article for more information.
  13. Marriage Bonds and Allegations

    Roz, A marriage bond is like a bann in the sense that it shows that a marriage was intended. Neither proves the marriage actually happened. If you have other evidence that they did in fact marry, I would enter a marriage with a "circa" date, because you don't know how long after the bond was made they were married, and cite the bond as a source.
  14. Organizing tag order

    Christopher, You sequence tags by adding a Sort Date to Tags that don't have a date, or that you want to appear out of date order. You must be in Advanced Data Entry mode to see Sort Dates. You change to that in Preferences > Program Options > Data Entry.
  15. "expired trial version" message during login

    Dan, You need to enter the name and email address as they appear in the email you received that transmitted your serial number to you. That should be the same email address you entered when you paid for the serial number.
  16. See my article Moving Data to New Computer or Version for some tips on the backup process and fixing issues with paths that generally occur when you move to a new computer.
  17. Stuck with unreadable projects.

    Polly, I suspect the issue with printing PDF reports is that you are using Windows 10, which is not happy with TMG's PDF printer. If so, the solution is to send the report to Printer, then select Windows 10's built-in PDF printer. Or, better yet, send the report to Word, edit as needed, then use Word's PDF output. The problem with "forms" like FGSs and Pedigree charts is that you are using a recent version of Word that cannot read TMG's output of these reports. The solution is in Help - from the Report Definition file of one of these reports click Help, and read the note in the box at the top of the page.
  18. report for missing data

    You can also run a List of People report with a filter for missing information. For example, you could use a filter like: Birth... Date Is Empty OR Death... Date Is Empty OR Marriage... Date Is Empty END Check the box in front of each line if you enter multiple tags for birth and death to get only the primary ones. I'm not sure whether this filter will pick up BMD tags that are missing entirely. If not, use something like this: # of Birth Group tags = 0 OR # of Death Group tags = 0 OR # of Marriage Group tags = 0 END In either case, to to the Output Columns tab in Options and specify useful output to understand what is missing.
  19. TMG 9.05 GEDCOM export to FTM 2014 (mackiev)

    That would be expected, given what Jim said above. FTM doesn't support witnesses. Design of FTM, I assume you mean. Clearly it is solved with other programs.
  20. TMG Gold Version 7.04 & Windows 10

    What is the first error message you get (the ones after that don't count). In any case, the program used to transfer the program probably didn't work properly. Are you really using 7.0 -- you never installed any of the free upgrades? If you did, installing 7.0 from the CD is not likely to work since the data files were last opened with a later version. I'd suggest 1) you buy 9.05 while you can, or failing that, 2) you get the installer for the last update to 7 and install that. Your current serial number will work with that.
  21. Splitting off a person and his ancestors

    You're welcome, Gene.
  22. Splitting off a person and his ancestors

    Gene, It is the Secondary Output of the List of People report that you are looking for. After you have the Focus Group populated as you want, open the List of People report. I the top half of the report definition screen, select Focus Group. Click the Options button at the bottom, and then click on the Secondary Output tab. Check the box for "Create New Project" and enter the name of the new project. Close Options and run the report. After it is run it will ask if you want to create the new Project.
  23. Lost installation key for TMG v7.02

    You have two choices. You can email support@whollygenes.com and someone will probably be able to find your serial number. Don't expect instant response as the office is not regularly staffed. Or, you can buy a license for TMG 9 and install it. The address for the reseller with licenses for sale is on my website .
  24. Want to buy a "used" copy of TMG 9

    Which link didn't work for you?
  25. System crash

    Mike, "Accepted" is an interesting term considering I had not found the notification and hadn't seen the order. The problem is PayPal's notice to me was coded as spam and I never saw it. Strange that similar emails from them have not been. I've now found it and marked their address so the problem won't happen again. I'll get the book in the mail Monday. I'm sorry for the delay. Thanks for mentioning it.