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  1. Export Error 290

    I have successfully exported numerous focus groups, but just today I received the error message: "Invalid Path or file name. 290 Exportgedcom". I am given the options to Abort, Retry or Ignore. If I select Abort, the program hangs and I have to close it through Task Manager. I haven't altered any settings from before. Suggestions please. SOLVED: I had included quotation marks in the file name...... " - ". Should have realised!! I'll leave this in case someone else has the same "problem".
  2. TMG 9.05 no longer works with Windows 10

    Jim What I am saying is that (on my laptop) TMG would not open data tables from a restored backup from my desktop. However, when I ran TMG on the laptop as compatible with Win7, the program worked and the data tables (restored from a backup on my desktop) opened without a problem. I don't pretent to know why - only that it seems to work. It might help someone else to stay with TMG. Ruth
  3. TMG 9.05 no longer works with Windows 10

    I've had a similar persistent problem. TMH 9.05 works fine on my Desktop running the latest update to Win10. However, whenever I try to restore a backup to TMG 9.05 running on my laptop (with Win10 latest update) I get a message saying "there was an error opening the data tables". This happens every time. I've tried running as a user and as an administrator, uninstalling and reinstalling, and running "Repair" etc etc but the laptop problem won't go away. I use the same antivirus on both machines. When you right click the icon, apart from "run as administrator" there is an option to check compatability. I used this on my laptop version and ran in in Win 7 mode. It works!
  4. Focus Groups not working

    Michael That option didn't work for me, which is why I asked for a solution on the forum. Using the "Repair" option in the installer program does. Ruth
  5. I started to create focus groups to organise the export of families by sets of 5 generations. After a while, TMG declined to save any more groups. I deleted several (opened WIndow/Focus Group, then Load and delete from the list), thinking that the number was limited, and now when I start to create a focus group it will let me add the first individual but refused to add the additional people. I have tried closing and restarting the program, but it didn't help. Can you tell me where Focus Groups are saved, and how I can rectify the situation. Many thanks
  6. Error Message 87 REPPUSH

    Follow-up : I tried running Repair, and also uninstalling and reinstalling the program. Neither worked. However, when I went into Maintenance and selected "Initialise Repeat Files" it deleted the old repeat file, and this seems to have corrected the problem. I assume that the REP at the start of REPPUSH should have told me!
  7. When I try to save data added to an individual record, I am getting an error message which reads: "Index does not match the table. Delete the index and re-create the index. 87 REPPUSH." How can I do this, and prevent reoccurrences? Many thanks Ruth
  8. DynaZip UnZIP Error:

    Thanks Jim. I have a WD My Cloud and had saved the backup to that device. However, I copied the backup to a USB drive and that worked OK.
  9. DynaZip UnZIP Error:

    While trying to restore from a backup, I keep getting this error message: "DynaZip UnZIP Error: Zip file structure invalid (Can't understand ZIP file, structure problem)" I've uninstalled, restarted the PC, and reinstalled the program, run it as an Administrator, and tried restoring several backups with the same result. Help please. Running Windows 10.
  10. TMG v.9.05 "Not Responding"

    Post Scriptum: I spoke too soon. Although the repair appeared to work, the problem soon returned. However, I loaded the data onto another computer and the problem did not appear, so it seems that it is something on the PC affecting TMG rather than the program itself. Further investigation required! Thanks for the support so far.
  11. TMG v.9.05 "Not Responding"

    Thanks for the advice Jim. I ran the repair, and it seems to have fixed the problem.
  12. TMG v.9.05 "Not Responding"

    Something I have noticed is that the icons at the top right corner of the Details screen (Minimise, Restore, Close) disappear while data is being input.... I tried adding a screen shot but this system won't let me.
  13. TMG v.9.05 "Not Responding"

    I always backup TMG to a flash drive and not a syncing program and none of the program or data files are kept on a syncing program. I tried running TMG without virus protection, but the same thing occurred. However, it appears to do so only when I add a new person, and not when adding additional data to an existing person. Is it possible that I am reaching the maximum number of individuals with which the program can cope?
  14. TMG v.9.05 "Not Responding"

    I am using the same antivirus program as I have for the last year. Can you explain what you mean by a syncing program - do you mean Dropbox or Googledrive? If so, I have used these for several years with no side effects to TMG.
  15. I am running under Windows 10. In the last couple of days, each time I enter a new person, after entering the forename the program hangs and "(Not Responding)" shows after the program name in the top left hand corner of the screen. I thought this may have been due to a recent Windows update, so have restored the system to an earlier date but with no success. Sometimes the program returns on its own, but usually I have to "end program" and restart. I have also restarted the computer several times. The last person added had Person ID 16500 but this phenomenon has been seen since approximately 16450. I am running it as an Administrator. Suggestions welcomed. Ruth