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  1. Tag Type list hidden

    Thank you. Don't know how I did that but appreciate the help. Got it back.
  2. Tag Type list hidden

    Some how I have lost my alpha tag type listing. It no longer is in the view even in person tab. How do I get it back.
  3. TMG 9.05 no longer works with Windows 10

    Thank you Jim, this worked.
  4. On or about November 15th (following an update to Windows) I could no longer open The Master Genealogist The program icon changed to a "white page" and I receive this message "This APP can't run on your PC" I had TMG version 9 and the .5 or 05 that was provided later. I have had no problems running TMG until this happened. Do I dare uninstall and reinstall? I have saved all my programs/projects as back-ups and also have the sqz files.
  5. Upgrading questions

    It took multiple re-loads but I finally got it working. Thank you.
  6. Upgrading questions

    I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 about 6 months ago and have had no problems with TMG until about 3 weeks ago. Now every time my computer is shut down, TMG goes to the "trial" screen and I have to log my serial number in all over etc. So, I went on this site and saw the execute update to 9.05 where I was running 9.01 Now after updating to v 9.5 from v 9.1 am no longer able to open or restore any of my projects. I get the following errors: OLE error code 0x80040154:Class not registered. 72 getfilex When I try to locate my projects they are not showing up. The screen will not allow me to access the sqz formats and short of reloading from my latest cd; I am at a loss as to how to find/retrieve my projects. Any suggestions?