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  1. Report Screen Preview not working

    Yes default printer is set. No matter what printer I select including MS PDF it will only save an RTF file in a strange location. Also no matter what kind of report I select the same problem. Again it did work at one time on this machine until about two months ago.
  2. Report Screen Preview not working

    I am having the same problem. Tried repair, checked file associations, printer is set up and works with other programs. This problem is only on my notebook computer and not on my desk top. It did work fine at one time. Wondering if one of the Windows 10 updates might be the issue. My notebook is a new Surface Pro 2018. Any other thoughts or suggestions?
  3. TMG and Onedrive

    Hello Jim, Thanks so much. I had suspected this but was not sure. I have a new laptop with Office 365 and Onedrive and just don't know much about either yet. I was doing some experimenting with Onedrive Saturday and just wanted to know what if any were the possibilities. Always better to learn these lessons before the fact than after the fact. BTW hope all is well with you. It has been a long time since we last spoke. Cheers Tim
  4. TMG and Onedrive

    Hello Michael, Thank you for the response. I have just begun to explore the uses of the cloud. I was wondering if anyone had tried it with TMG and what the results were. Better to learn from someone else's experiences. Just as a side note I am fairly well versed in how to use SQZ files. I have been using TMG since before version one came out and was a beta tester until it was discontinued. Cheers, Tim Cook Busby, MT
  5. TMG and Onedrive

    Hello Everyone, I am thinking of of moving my working TMG files to Onedrive. Has anyone any experience with using TMG data files and a cloud system such as Onedrive? Just wanted to see if there were any pitfalls or problems to work out before I do this. Thanks! Tim Cook Busby, MT
  6. Running Windows 10 and TMG v9.05. I am running TMG as admn, mannually installed the pdf printer driver, and have tried various compatability settings. When I try too print to pdf TMG freezes or makes a pdf file of zero bytes. This is someting that I do use on a regular basis to send reports to people via email. If you can think of anyting to help I sure would appreciate it it. I wonder if this could be a port issue, but I have no idea where to check in Windows 10.