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  1. TMG 9/Parallels 10/ Yosemite - losing focus

    If anyone else notices this issue, I've determined that for me it only happens in Full Screen mode (my preferred mode of operation). Out of full screen mode, all works fine.
  2. Is anyone here using TMG on Parallels 10 under Yosemite AND having problems with the focus being lost from TMG when you switch across to the mac and come back to continue typing/pasting whatever? This isn't unique to TMG, it is happening to other apps I still run under parallels as well. Up until I upgraded both to Yosemite and to Parallels 10 everything was fine but now this loss of focus is seriously annoying to a touch typist frequently switching between Mac and Windows. Anyone got any clues as to any settings that may be causing this? Parallels aren't much help. Support were willing enough, but clueless. They tried blaming TMG until I said it happened with another as well. Then tried a new VM - no difference, other than I lost my drive mappings to make it easier using the same projct on Mac and my desktop.
  3. 8.07 and Mac

    Hi Lorna I haven't made much use of Ctrl+F3 for repeat values, but if P9 is like P6 you can configure a key combination that will send Ctrl+F3 to windows.
  4. 8.07 and Mac

    Glenn, I gave up on trying to make TMG run under wine on the mac and bought Parallels 9 to use on my new macbookpro running mavericks. FYI the Mac/Win divide seems, to me anyway to be for all intents and purposes non existent. Once I'd set up a mapping to replicate my D:/Lorna/Genealogy directory for consistency across machines and set up datapaths.txt to reflect the correct path, all is working fine. D:/Lorna/Genealogy is mapped to the appropriate level psf directory. The only problem I'm having is trying to figure out what some of my keyboard shortcuts should now be and either figuring out where to change the default or retrain myself. Still working on how to get Ctrl + F3 Genealogy programs are my only remaining use for windows on this machine, my main every day one.
  5. 8.07 and Mac

    Hi Heintz57Kids,I've been (and am) running TMG under VMWare and want to reclaim disk space and speed so am trying to transfer to using Wine on my Mac instead of VMWare. Did you ever get TMG8.08 running on the Mac using Wine? Following the instructions here for TMG 8 http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=25030 I managed to get it running very well on my linux machine (on Wine 1.4.1) but so far haven't replicated the success on Mac 10.6.8 wine 1.6 using these instructions for Wine http://www.davidbaumgold.com/tutorials/wine-mac/ I can get it (TMG8.08) to install but possibly still need to override some settings as it isn't really usable, can't edit memos or use the keyboard to access menus, and if I set on horizontal lines all the text is hatched over! Interested in hearing from anyone with any success in this. And no, Crossover doesn't help. Flatly says it is an unsupported ap that wont work and if you ignore that warning and try anyway, the instal is less successful than following the instructions above from the WineHQ AppDB. My next attempt is going to be to try and get an older version of Wine running on the Mac to see if it was something different between 1.4.1 where I was successful on the Linux and 1.6 the version readily available for Mac, but I'll be floundering as it appears I'll need to work out how to compile source code, something I last did in the 1970s in COBOL, several worlds and decades away from this!!
  6. mtDNA template

    Jim, As a DNA project admim for several projects I use the (Y) DNA results stored in TMG all the time thanks to John Cardinal's secondsite. It enables me to present both overall results and the links to individual people and my One Name Studies with ease, including any analysis done. But any analysis has been manual. For Family Finder data however I do have a separate MySQL database of downloaded results and several utilities (mostly for data filtering and consistency checking) that I've written to integrate with a private TNG website. Sites like Gedmatch most certainly analyse and compare FamilyFinder results. It is a little misleading to say that eg Family Tree Maker allows storage of DNA data. As far as I can currently see, it allows you to input a tag labelled DNA with a date and notes which hardly compares with TMG, Legacy, RootsMagic (don't know about the others) where you can actually input which test, and the marker results. I've not compared the output options.
  7. synchronize to online family tree

    TPG I've been experimenting, briefly, with a gedcom from TMG that I exported to RootsMagic, so I could try out their certified sharing with FamilySearch new FamilyTree (the Old familytree has either disappeared or is about to do so). An announcement in the last week said that FamilyTree would now accept sources from RootsMagic, I've not tried that, but have experimented with using their shoebox to save a source found in their records, later attaching it to my tree. Perhaps TMG could become the second piece of certified software to directly interract with FamilyTree Debbie Although obviously not knowing what Whollygenes means by asking you "'What do you mean by "to synchronize"? I would interpret that more as a request to more specifically document your requirements. Mine would be to enable me to choose which part of my database I wished to share/synchronise at any one time, and which events, with which website instead of having to go thru a gedcom. The RM/FamilyTree does allow you to do this person by person and event by event, which would be tedious if you wished to share/synchronise a lot of data but is very suitable where the tree at the FamilyTree end has rather too many duplications Ancestry/FTM has an all or nothing, which I most defintiely do not want, so restrict my links there to a one way download of ancestry data to FTM just to get a backup of my research there. In the meantime, I continue sharing my data using SecondSite, fully selecting what I want to publish, with regularly replaced snapshots to WorldConnect of a selected subset.of people and data. However other online trees don't quite cope with repeated updates via gedcoms (WikiTree, WeRelate) unless the data is new people , rather than replacement. such is life, but unfortunate as I like fishing in all sorts of online ponds for those elusive connections.
  8. retsof For the people with the missing birth and death dates are there primary birth and death dates defined? Have you tried running the file maitenance routines? If that doesn't help have you looked at John Cardinal's TMG utility under People, Adjust Birth and Death?
  9. Multiplying Accents

    Marlene, have you tried the file maintenance routines? Optimise Validate file integrity optimise again for good measure Lorna Waikanae, NZ
  10. Map co-ordinates not working

    John, it won't help with your current problem, but wouldn't the better place for your lat/long comments as to accuracy be in the comment field of the place? Perhaps, and I've not checked, John Cardinal's TMG utility, when he has the TMG v8 version available, might be able to move your set text from lat/long into comments? Leaving the lat/long field for coordinates only.
  11. Location Mapping

    Lee, the lat/long values are easily obtained from the map search by place name eg google maps by place name right click on the resulting balloon over the place select the What's here menu option then copy/paste the lat/long values that are shown into your place field
  12. Family Tree DNA New template for Y-DNA111?

    Thanks a bunch folks, worked a treat, now I just need to await the results.
  13. Wondering if there'll be a new DNA template for the newly announced Family Tree DNA Y-DNA111 results, ie a further 44 markers on top of the current Y-DN67. More info here http://www.familytreedna.com/faq/answers/d...spx?faqid=9#570
  14. Thanks Jim and Bizegrama - sounds a bit like the Whollygenes link to Gedstar pro needs a bit of an update http://www.whollygenes.com/Merchant2/merch...ode=GEDSTPRO-DL
  15. Don't know about "mature applications" yet, but has anyone tried out the new GedStarPro v4 for Android? http://ghcssoftware.com/android/index.php and http://www.androidzoom.com/uk/android_appl...iewer_mpvc.html