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  1. Exporting Data to Excel

    If I recall, TMG exports one Excel file for each TMG data table; however, I hit an Open dialog error when I try it. Is doing that useful? Not that I can see.
  2. Why not just clear the view history?
  3. This is the "navigation" issue that was supposedly fixed many years ago. I don't have any ideas other than trying a clean install.
  4. Undesirable Reminder

    File / Preferences / Program Options / Data Entry / unselect 'Open Reminder window automatically'
  5. Backup Recovery

    It sounds like your backup has the same data that you want to undo. Make sure that you overwrote the existing project when you did the restore and that you didn't restore to a different location.
  6. Backup Recovery

    As a first step, reboot your computer and try the restore again.
  7. Exclusive access

    Does any real-time backup or syncing application (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) have access to the project? You should not allow that to occur. Sometimes, after closing, TMG continues to run in the background. Check the Task Manager and close any running TMG process or reboot your computer. Then try to open TMG and the project again.
  8. TMG to the Bitter End

    RootsMagic has been able to do a direct import of TMG data sets since the fall of 2014 (RootsMagic v6.3.2.0). Many fixes and improvements have been made since the initial release. Family Historian has also been able to do a direct import of TMG data sets since the fall of 2014. Again, many fixes and improvements have been made since the initial release. Family Tree Maker and Legacy had direct TMG imports but both had many issues that were never resolved as far as I know. The current version of FTM no longer does a direct TMG import.
  9. You need to be using a custom layout to do this. Try saving the layout after correcting the filtering.
  10. Judy, Journal report / Options / Tags tab / Tag Types / select 'Selected' Then omit the custom tag type from those marked selected. Jim
  11. I excluded both spouse ID#s and both sentences. Based on the exclusions, there is no reason that the spouse should show up in the subject's Journal report. I get the same result and can't find any workaround other than editing the Journal report.
  12. TMG V9 on a New Laptop

    Go to the old laptop and run Help / Technical Support / Trouble Report and that will create a document with the correct email address and registration number. Use those to unlock TMG on the new machine. Copy and paste the registration number rather than trying to type it.
  13. Focus Groups

    Ruth, As Terry writes, focus groups are part of the TMG database. The only way that you can edit them are by using the Focus Groups tool in TMG. Using the Save and Load convention makes it appear that focus groups are external files but they are not.
  14. In the Tag Box, right-click and select' Filter for...'. Unselect 'Non-witnessed events'.
  15. Moving Parallels to new computer

    Something like this... https://forum.parallels.com/threads/old-mac-to-new-mac-and-parallels-desktop.343898/
  16. Place styles

    You never want places using the US style and the UK style in the same data set because of the place levels differences. Good tip about TMG Utility. See my comments two replies up.
  17. Place styles

    If you use a copy of the template project that I sent and import directly into the existing data set (that has US styles), the data should be imported using the data set styles. Tested and this doesn't work. Data Set Manager / Import imports to a new data set (not the selected data set) and that will use the installation default styles. Terry's suggestion of using TMG Utility (below) appears to be the only solution and that will require editing the Master Place list to shift the levels for the place parts.
  18. Place styles

    That's surprising. Your default, I assume, would be UK and you should be able to select the data set in the Data Set Manager and select the US place styles since they are "built in". Maybe a dummy person is needed. I can send you a empty project with the US styles selected. You could keep this as a template and copy it as needed for new imports. Email me by clicking the link below... Jim Byram
  19. Place styles

    You can set the place styles globally in the Data Set Manager (File / Data Set Manager). If you do that in a blank data set and then import a GEDCOM, the places should use those place styles. Existing places in a data set will need to have their place styles changed manually in the Master Place List. You don't want to mix UK and US place styles in the same data set since you would have comparable place entities at different levels.
  20. Can't find missing exhibits

    Carl, You are welcome. Happy to help. Jim
  21. TMG-L mailing list

    Constance Chappell Horne wrote... I am sad to announce that Rootsweb is ending support for its genealogy email lists. I have created a new email list at Groups.IO here: https://groups.io/g/TMG-L To join, go to the home page and click on subscribe. Here is the official Rootsweb announcement: Beginning March 2nd, 2020 the Mailing Lists functionality on RootsWeb will be discontinued. Users will no longer be able to send outgoing emails or accept incoming emails. Additionally, administration tools will no longer be available to list administrators and mailing lists will be put into an archival state. Administrators may save the emails in their list prior to March 2nd. After that, mailing list archives will remain available and searchable on RootsWeb Constance Chappell Horne TMG-L List Administrator
  22. Datasets vs. projects

    Sure. Keep in mind that a data set is a subset of the current project. Use the List of People report and the secondary output option. You will be copying the people in a selected data set to a new project. This process will not change the current project. The Subject will be a filtered group with the filter being Dataset ID = (the data set number). The Options / Secondary Output choice will be Create New Project with the project name and path in the field. You can tick the suppress output check box to reduce the steps.
  23. The error has something to do with copying the sources / source types linked to the tags used by the people being moved. I'd reboot the system and you need to revert to the backup that you made before trying the move.
  24. When you move your exhibit folder to a new drive or path, the external exhibits feature of Validate File Integrity will update the paths for all exhibits in the exhibits table. VFI can deal with all exhibits in one folder or with an exhibit tree or even more complex situations. It's a simple, quick and painless way to deal with this. If you have a exhibits tree and exhibits with the same names in different folders, TMGU needs to be used since it can update only the portion of the exhibit paths that have changed.
  25. Can Census Source "Lumps" be too big?

    This is how I have always recorded my U.S. Federal Census sources. Each source is based on the census year. All of the details are in the citation details. I have templates for the citation details so that they are consistent and would suggest that you do the same. Different census years have different templates based on the information recorded for the particular census year. Bottom line... I have no reservations about this method at all. It has served me well over the years.