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  1. GEDCOM export from TMG

    I disabled everything that I could find including my internet connect and firewall. But I still get a tiny GEDcom file. In the past I have had no trouble creating a gedcom file. It is obviously time for some deeper fiddling with some setting of another unless someone comes up with a clear definition of the problem! I may suddenly find that I can make it work without knowing why, and that is not a very satisfactory position to be in. Ken
  2. GEDCOM export from TMG

    Thank you Virginia and Jim for your comments. I have disabled my BT Cloud backup and a Norton backup program that I found running. As far as I can see I then made sure that I had no other programs running and no browser running either. I then tried to export ALL again but got the same result. I will now reboot the computer (running Vista) and also disable my network connection and shut down my McAfee security program. I will report back when I have tried the export under those conditions. Ken
  3. GEDCOM export from TMG

    I have several groups of families in one TMG project (TMG 9) which adds up to 17,466 people. I have tried to export ALL to Gedcom using the export wizard. The export seems to proceed OK but the figure under the line for export of people says 5% and after the export has finished it is obvious that I have only exported about 5% of the people. I also tried to do this in my old copy of TMG8 with the same result. What am I doing wrong? Ken Clarke
  4. HTML output of TMG reports?

    Looking at the contents of "Help", it implies that I can select HTML as a file type when saving a report. However, the option is not shown in the Report Options pages. I was hoping to create an HTML version of a Journal report directly without going through a Word Processor. Is this possible? Ken Clarke I am sorry I asked this question; I can see that I should have looked more carefully at the Preferences section on the File menu and selected HTML as one of the outputs before going through the Report menu!!
  5. Dotted lines in VCF not printing

    Thanks Mike for your reply. I have the full version of Adobe Acrobat on my machine and am therefore able to "print" to it. I have just tried printing the VCF chart to it and again the dotted lines do not appear! I will have a look at "Cute PDF Writer" as you suggest, however, I hope the developers will deal with the issue in VCF now that version 8 of TMG has been launched. Ken
  6. I am using TMG v.8 in Windows Vista and printing to a Canon Pixma IP4600 printer. I can set up charts in VCF with some lines solid and some dotted. Print preview shows the correct result. When output goes to my printer I can also ask for a preview and this also shows the dotted lines correctly. But when I print I just get solid lines. Do others get this problem. Is there a fix and if this is an inherent problem with VCF is it going to be fixed. This has been a problem for several years and I was hoping that with the release of TMG8 it would have been dealt with.
  7. Backup problems

    I wonder if the problem is related to the number (and size) of files in the backup folder. My backup folder had not been cleared to a couple of years and had a hugh number of backups in it. Once I had removed them, except for the last three or four, I had no further problems.
  8. Backup problems

    Thanks for your comments. I am limiting my backup to the project file, accents and filters and the backup is to the came "C:" drive on the computer which runs the TMG program. I have been backing up succesfully for the last couple of years on this computer and as far as I know have not changed anything and am backing up in the same way as I have always done. This problem has only just cropped up a day ago.
  9. Backup problems

    I have been using TMG 7.04 with no problems backing up either during use or when I close the program' Starting yesterday when I have tried to backup whilst the program was running, or when closing, I get the following message: "Input file failure: This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a zip file that is locked or restricted by another process. After then clicking on "OK", the following message then appears: "error occurred during backup. The ouput file C:{pathname etc}/{file name}.sqz could not be created" I have run the File Integrity check without finding a fault, and I have tried backing up again after rebooting the computer (Vista). The problem is still there. Grateful for help on this. Ken