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Found 5 results

  1. I have the Report I want still clean in version 8. How can I get that into version 9. Can I just copy a specific file from the v.8 folder to the v.9 folder? I cleared one of my saved reports back to default and want to make sure I get it back cleanly. My last backup was 3 days ago before a reunion so I don't want to just restore that. I have a report configuration called Reunions. I made a couple changes to fit inside a 2' page for the reunion Saturday but didn't save it as part of the configuration. When I went to call that report today I wanted to clear those temporary changes and mistakenly clicked the Reset Defaults button thinking it would put it back to my saved settings. Nope, that clears it back to the Descendant Chart defaults. Thanks Robert
  2. Hello everyone, (again: I hope of your patience, because english isn't my native language.) I've tried to print the report "Pedigree" with "bibliography" and / or "sources in endnotes" in a pdf-file. The report itself is fine. But the last page of the report doesn't seems to end with a pagebreak. So the Chapter "bibliography" or "sources in endnotes" start at the bottom of the last page of the diagram. But in my opinion it should start on the next/new (!) page after teh report. If I print the report in a word-file (or other), I can manipulate the positions, but not the pdf-file. In my personal opinion, a part of this little problem is a difference between the standard pageformat "Letter" an my "A4", wich is here in germany usefull. Is this my failure or should I send this topic to the "wish-list"? Please give me a little hint to solve this topic! Many thanks and greetings from Hannover Mark A. Waldmann
  3. The project I am having trouble with is big -- 1 GB. I need a report that shows my direct line for two 2nd great-grandparents. The Ancestor Box report gets as far as opening the Visual ChartForm, but then I get the error message: VCF has stopped working and the only choice is to close the program. I did set it to Save to:, not View in VCF. When I run the Compressed Pedigree, it calculates the number of people, generates the text, but then the blue circle is there for at least 2.5 hours. I gave up then. One of the CPed reports says it's calculated 5286 grandparents, 27 generations, the other is 6207 & 25. I have feeling you're going to tell me the reports are just too big. I suppose I need a mainframe to produce these reports, not a PC. I thought I'd ask the question just in case there's something else I can do. We've got a family reunion in July and we'd really like to show what we've got.
  4. Am trying to get a list of IDs where my SmithFamily flag = Y and the DETAIL element of the address group (appears to be PlaceLabel2?) is not empty. I can create a report that gives me one or the other criteria filter, but not both. Appreciate help. Thanks! ~Carol
  5. HTML output of TMG reports?

    Looking at the contents of "Help", it implies that I can select HTML as a file type when saving a report. However, the option is not shown in the Report Options pages. I was hoping to create an HTML version of a Journal report directly without going through a Word Processor. Is this possible? Ken Clarke I am sorry I asked this question; I can see that I should have looked more carefully at the Preferences section on the File menu and selected HTML as one of the outputs before going through the Report menu!!