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  1. I want to move my projects from one file folder to another folder which happens to be a Dropbox folder. I can't find a "Save as" function in TMG, but I am looking for the equivalent. I see the numerous files starting with my file name in the current folder, but I want to be cautious about copying all of the files and not missing any. Is there a way within TMG to move or copy a project into a different folder and start using the project in the new location? I have already changed the default project file location so any new projects will be in the new location.
  2. This step worked. Thank you!
  3. I have a new computer with Windows 8 OS. I installed and work with TMG v8 just fine, but every time I open TMG, it gives me the "Trial Version of TMG has expired" window and prompts for my serial number which I have repeated entered. I can't find anything in File Preferences or anywhere else that I need to correct this nor have I encountered this problem in earlier versions. Any suggestions to keep my SN in the software?
  4. I'd like to print a chart with a country of origin flag image within each box for all people or for immigrants from one country to another. Is there any way to include a flag image in ancestor box charts or other ancestor charts?
  5. Wish List

    I never can remember all the events from my database that might have happened in a specific location such as a county. So when I go to a library or other repository in a county, I usually only have a limited number of people or events I am researching compared to all of the people or events in my database. When visiting locations for research, it is helpful to have a list of all the events from a database that occurred or could have occurred in that location. To do that, you can create a "List of Events" report filtered by place (e.g. city and/or county and possibly state) with output columns as desired (e.g., date, name, event, city, county). This gives every possible event for that location whether births, marriages, deaths, burials, residences, etc. for every person in your database and helps direct your research further when in the location. You can sort it by date or event or name and print a copy of each sort so that missing events are easier to find. My suggestion is: even more helpful in the "List of Events" report is to add "Sources" to the output columns pick list for each event. That way, when Sources is printed as an output column, you can see quickly which sources you have already consulted and which you may not have consulted. When in a library looking through the stacks, having this report with Sources with you will help you decide whether to consult a particular reference. This report would not replace the Research log, but would supplement it. It can also give a researcher a better ability to see possible events in an area needing research, but for which the person may not have thought of or planned prior to the visit.
  6. On clicking a name to look at that individual's record, the Open File window opens every time. Is this a bug or option I can change? How do I fix this? I use TMG 7 and have never run into this problem before.