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  1. Partial merge

    I have been given a TMG dataset with 77 people in it. I would like to include 15 of them in my own project. I think I understand the merge process fairly well, but I'd like to know how best to get rid of the unwanted 62. Any help will be much appreciated.
  2. Partial merge

    Thanks so much Terry. I'm going to get at it this morning. All good wishes. Robert
  3. PDF printer won't install

    I am running TMG 9.05 under Windows 8.1. I cannot get the PDF printer to install. I have tried adding a new local port in "printer properties" to the object in "Device and Printers. I have deleted cdintf400.dll from the SysWOW64 directory and have had it reestablished by a TMG repair reinstall. I have successfully registered cdinf400.dll via REGSVR32. None of these suggestions, which I have drawn from previous forum posts, have worked. When I install the PDF printer the Amyuni log box reports that cdintf.dll is in use and can't be accessed; the log goes on to report that the printer has been succesffuly installed -- but it has not. When I attempt to "print" to a PDF file TMG reports that the PDF printer is not installed. It offers to install it, and if I choose that option it just adds another useless version of the Wholly Genes PDF drive to "Devices and Printers." All additional suggestions will be welcome, indeed, joyfully received. Thanks to all. Robert
  4. PDF printer won't install

    It looks as though my enthusiasm was premature. When I started to use the newly reinstalled Quicken it upgraded itself to R4 and trashed the TMG PDF driver. When I att4empt to reinstall it I get Error Code 32 -- "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. As best I can tell from the limited diagnostic tools at at hand is that Quicken 2015, the R4 version, either hijacks or locks cdintf.dll. Any further help will be greatly appreciated. Robert
  5. PDF printer won't install

    Dear Jim, As usual, you've got it right. The conflicting driver was from Quicken 2015 Deluxe. I uninstalled Quicken, reinstalled TMG, and all was well. When Quicken was reinstalled, the TMG PDF driver still worked, so it looks as though the fix is permanent. Many thanks. I'd have posted this much eariler, but Charter Cable was out from early this morning until sometime around 3:30 PM. All services were down: internet, TV, and telephone. A neighbor tells me that there was a fire in the sagebrush hills between Ellensburg (me) and Yakima (abt 30 miles south). The fire is said to have burned essential lines of some kind. I haven't been able to verify the tale, but I do know that all my services were down from 6:00 AM when I got up to middle afternoon. It's an odd feeling to be wholly without electronics for nine hours -- I think I've been spoiled. Thanks again and all good wishes. Robert Margot: I've no experience with the kind of problem you mention -- all good wishes for success in getting it unraveled.
  6. 9.03 loses "Prompt for Backup" setting

    Do you have more than one copy of app.ini? Perhaps from the installation of an earlier version of TMG or of another copy? In other words, are you looking at the current copy of the file? Robert
  7. Using TMG in Polish

    A further difficulty is that Polish uses many Unicode characters (for example, Ł and ź) which TMG cannot handle.
  8. TMG 8 and ss

    Yes, and very well, too. Robert
  9. Role selection error

    I want to set the default roles for the marriage tag. I open the master tag type list, select the "Marriage - CTRL-M" tag, open the "roles and sentences" tab and click on (say) "bride." I immediately get an error message: "Variable 'ENGLISH' is not found. 41 TAGTYPEDEFINITION.mTRANSENTROLE" Is there a known problem here? What would be the repair? Thanks for any assistance.. Robert
  10. Role selection error

    Many thanks, Jim. I think I had a damaged tag type memo which is now OK. I certainly had the slowdowns until I restored the strings files. All god wishes. R.
  11. Role selection error

    Dear Jim, I have restored the shared program database per your suggestion. If I do have a damaged tag type memo how would I discover and repair it? I should add that the original problem -- the error message received when I tried to edit the marriage tag -- has disappeared and all seems normal. Thanks so much. Robert
  12. Role selection error

    Thanks so much, Virginia. I think I have it fixed now. I will probably never know what happened. All strings.* files disappeared from C:Program Files (x86) and from C:ProgramData. Am I correct that these are "seed" files, and that when changes are made to roles or sentences they go into the project *.DBF files? I can't imagine how they were all erased. I don't monkey around in either of those system directories. Thanks again for your help -- all good wishes. Robert
  13. Role selection error

    After much to-do, I have discovered that the three "STRINGS" files (.dbf, .CDX, and .fpt) were missing from c:program dataTMG8. (I am running TMG 8.08 under Win8 on an x64 machine) When a "repair" reinstallation of TMG 8.08 made no difference, I restored copies of the "strings" files from my laptop machine. The error message cited in my previous post no longer occurs, but TMG starts very much more slowly than before and there is also a considerable wait when I select the Marriage tag to be edited. Does TMG write to STRINGS.CDX, strongs.fpt and strings.dbf? All three from the laptop are dated March 22, 2013 and I am not sure that they are consistent with the database on my desktop machine. I have run VFI & optimize at least half a dozen times since this problem struck, and no errors have been found. I also tried reindexing, but it seems not to make a difference. I am still hoping for some counsel. Good wishes to all. Robert
  14. Journal Report - Group common birth places

    Virginia is quite right. I'm in no position to discuss grammatical rules, but I have consulted my battered Chicago Manual of Style. The colon should not be used before a series that serves as the object of a verb. My preferred usage would be correct without the colon: "the children of x and y were a,b,c and d. (note the absence of the Oxford comma which I use on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but not on Monday, Wednesday or Friday). Simplicity is probably better served by "the children of Adam and Eve were Cain and Abel," but I wonder if "the children of Adam and Eve were as follows: Cain and Abel" isn't clearer in a genealogical report, especially if there are more than two children . What think? I agree with both Carol and Virginia about the comma after the father's last name. R.
  15. Journal Report - Group common birth places

    I feel the same way about this -- I've deal with it by writing my journal reports to Word. I've written a macro which makes the very changes for which you are campaigning and also changes "the children of x and y were as follows" to "the children of x and y were:" It's very easy to record such a macro. Once the macro is written, a single keystroke makes the changes for the entire report. I'm away from my main machine at the moment, but if you wish I'll be glad to post the exact macro text in a day or two. HTH Robert
  16. Reinstalling TMG v8

    Dear Chappy, It is possible -- not likely, fortunately -- that your machine is suffering a hardware memory error. If the install program is complaining of the same memory location every time, that makes the possibility a little greater. There is a memory diagnostic built in to Windows 7 which you can invoke. It is non-destructive, so there is no danger in trying it for a few hours or perhaps overnight. Instructions for the diagnostic are found at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Diagnosing-memory-problems-on-your-computer. All good wishes -- HTH. Robert P.S. In my experience, about half of memory problems can be remedied by removing the DIMMs from the sockets and then reseating them.
  17. John Cardinal's TMG utility will do the whole job in under a minute. Load the database, select "Places/Change Place parts," set the rules to If country equal [leave field blank], then add the filter. Under actions do "change country set to USA." Add the action and hit OK. Make sure that the first run has "log only" checked. Then press "Change Place Parts" and inspect the log. If all is well then uncheck the log only box and press change place parts again. Presto! Hope this helps . . . Robert
  18. Journal Report Save problems

    First, in what directory (the full path, please) are your TMG files located? Are they on your main hard drive? Second, to what directory are you attempting to save your report once it is in Word? There are some directories which Windows 7 disallows for user file writes. Those answers may help to see what the problem is. Robert
  19. Restore default sentence?

    I unwisely made a global sentence change via the master tag list; now I wish to restore the default sentence which, of course, I cannot precisely remember. I don't see how to do it in the absence of knowing the text. Is there a way, short of begging some kindly person to copy it off for me? It's the sentence for the principal role on the occupation tag. Thanks so much. Robert
  20. Restore default sentence?

    Thanks, Virginia. another good idea. R.
  21. Restore default sentence?

    Dear Michael, Duhh! But even worse: I could have walked upstairs to my bedroom and switched on the Thinkpad, not yet fully synchronized and seen the sentence there. Thanks so much. Given that I have a memory like a sieve and a lot of customized sentences, a clean copy of TMG would seems to be a useful resource. Robert
  22. Restore default sentence?

    Dear Harry, Good heavens! I got up to make a cup of coffee and the answer was here before I sat down again. Thanks so much. It does appear that one can't restore the default from TMG's resources. Anyway, I'm up and running again and I very much appreciate your help. All good wishes. Robert
  23. Chart size

    I have created a chart which is roughly 32" x 36" in VCF. Those are the dimensions I want. If I write it directly to a jpg from TMG will it have the same dimensions when printed? I have a friend with a giant printer who has offered to print it for me, but I don't want her to have to do it more than once. Thanks to all. Robert
  24. Windows 8 Compatibility

    I have installed Windows 8 on both of my machines -- a T-series Thinkpad laptop and a homebuilt desktop. TMG 8.04 installed and runs perfectly on both (but see the pinned topic on the K & N versions of Windows 8). The underlying structure and file system of Windows 8 is essentially the same as that of Windows 7. The "metro" scheme seems to be a kind of shell overlaid on the Windows 7 structure. One keystroke (Windows-D) gets one from metro to the traditional desktop and there are already some free downloads which allow one to skip metro altogether when booting up. Windows-C invokes the metro sidebar (I forget what it's called in Microsoft-speak). HTH. Robert
  25. Remove and restore people

    I would like to remove a group of people from my project. I wish to do it in such a way that they can be restored later on without loss of information in a certain eventuality. What would be the best way to do that? At present I have one project which contains one data set. The people to be excluded can easily be put into a focus group. Only a single tag connects them with anyone else in the project. Thanks in advance for any advice & good wishes to all. Robert