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  1. Names out of order in Pick List

    Problem Solved. I had a second name style and didn't realize it because I had the Advanced data entry disabled, and thus the styles weren't shown in the Tag Entry Screen. I just had to go and change the style of the rogue names to US Standard, and they are fine. vera Rules!! Richard
  2. Non Primary names still not in pick list order

    Hurray, Everyone. Vera has solved my problem, and no more help is needed. Somehow I had gotten a second "Name Style" in the system and didn't know it. I had the Advanced Data Entry shut off, so it didn't show the two styles in the Tag Entry Screen. I just had to go in and manually change the style for the names that weren't in the correct place in the pick list. Vera Rules!!!!
  3. Non Primary names still not in pick list order

    The project explorer and simple pick list are both filtered for "Both". I don't want to use the expanded pick list because it operates so slowly, probably because I have about 19,600+ people in the file. I am using TMG version 5.15. I will be more than happy to send you a copy of my file, but it contains 90,600+ names and when I back up is is just under 700 Megabytes. It will be a fairly long download. Do you still want to receive it? Even though the filter on the project explorer is set on both I don't see the non primary names. Really a puzzle!!! Richard My bad. The file has 90,600 not 19,600
  4. Non Primary names still not in pick list order

    Hello Vera: Thank you for your efforts. I tried using the TAB key and nothing happened. I tried putting in a comma after the Surname in the surname and/or the sort surname fields. Nothing. I was using the Simple pick list, so I just went and changed to the expanded pick list and every thing is grayed out and I can't do anything - the TmG is still running, and not crashed so maybe it is just running to change to an expanded list. I will wait and then see if it changes anything. Those names do not show at all in the Project explorer - just the primary names. Maybe that is the setting problem? but I am not sure how to change it. Thanks again, Richard Hi again, Vera: I had to shut the program down and restart it in order to be able to do anything. The non-primary names do not appear in the expanded pick list, just like in the Project Explorer. That makes me think the filters may be the cause? Again, maybe this will give somebody an idea. Richard
  5. Non Primary names still not in pick list order

    Yes the same name styles are used, ;and the non primary surname appears in the Sort Surname section I will try to get a screenshot of the Tag entry screen. The name does appear in the Sort Surname field. Richard I tried to get a screenshot, but apparently I don't know how to do it. Can you tell me how? - Richard My Tag Entry box looks exactly like the box you showed, of course with a different name.
  6. I am still having the problem that when I enter a name variation, or non primary name, it does not appear in the Pick list in the normal order. It appears just before the list of primary names in the pick list. For example: Oline Olsdatter Kallasen is the primary name and appears where expected. she is also know as Olea Olsdatter Tjomsland, but when I enter that it appears before the primary names in the pick list get started. Terry Riegel suggested that I may have entered the names in some other line than the "Surname" line, but I checked and it is entered correctly. I now have about 35 variant names which are out of order in the list. I have many more variant names than that in the file, so it must be a fairly recent problem that has cropped up. I also note that when I look at the variant name in the list it appears without a comma between the surname and given name. In the example above they appear thus: *Kallasen, Oline Olsdatter Tjomsland Olea Olsdatter I suspect it must be something in the settings or styles. Possibly I need to check something to " show non primary items or something like that but no matter what I have tried it doesn't help. How can I get that comma in there. I believe that is a key, because when I type in the surname that is non primary (Tjomsland) it shows the non primary list, but when I type in a comma it immediately shifts to the place it should be in the list of primary names. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  7. I entered a new person "Peder Hansen Hamar" with no problems. He was also known as "Peder Hansen Kalleberg" but when I added that as "Name Var" It was not with the other people named "Kalleberg" but just before the "*AA.Sogn" which is near the head of the Pick List, and just after a small group of people where the surname is unknown, and just the first name is entered e.g. "Sven", "Anna" or "Berte Marie". I have played with this trying to get Peder to be in the group of people with the surname "Kalleberg", but without success. It seems in every case that the people appearing out of order are Name Var, and the primary names appear where expected. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to correct it? Also, I have a new e-mail address and am trying to figure out how to change it on my registration to this site, and also for my TMG registration. Old e-mail: rlockmanpete@sbcglobal.net New e-mail: rlpete35@comcast.net Thank you for any answers you may be able to give me Richard Peterson
  8. Updating 5.11

    Thank you, Phil. I already did that and problem solved. Richard
  9. Updating 5.11

    I am in the process of re-installing TMG on a new hard drive. The old one was totally shot. I installed TMG 5.x from the original CD I purchased in about 2003. I believe it is 5.11. During the intervening years I had downloaded 2 or 3 free upgrades. Now, my backup copy on a CD won't open/import because it says it was created on a newer version, and can't open in my older version that was on the original TMG CD. I don't really need the TMG 6.x because the so called improvements/changes aren't important to me. My version works very well. When I look at the downloads they apparently charge $25 or more. Is there any way to get the free downloads back so I can use my perfectly serviceable 5.x??? ll I need to do is restore it to the version I had. Richard Peterson
  10. Gedcom Exports

    I am generating a gedcom file, with ancestry of a target person. I am adding ancestors and spouses. How can I add siblings and possibly even their spouses? If I must go to each person and add them one at a time it would be so time consuming that it would be counterproductive. Can I generate a Journal Report, and change it to a gedcom?
  11. How do I post a question for support

    I have been trying to post a question for Support or other users to get help using the reports. When I search for "Questions", "Posting" or any other word it tells me Sorry. I tried to start "new topic" several times and it told me I didn't have authority to start a new topic. As of now I cannot use this board!!!!! Why don't you have a button for "Support" or "Questions" or something obvious. I know I'm not a moron, but I feel like it after trying to use this board. This place says it is for asking questions about using the board. I need to ask questions about using TMG 5.XX