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Found 2 results

  1. Accidentally posted this in TMG8 forum, so am recapping here to continue: [TMG 9.05, Win 10 desktop] When I go to generate a generic Descendant Box, Ancestor Box or Hourglass report, the screen flickers a bit, then almost all menu items become grayed out and the only way I can exit TMG is by Task Manager > End Task. I haven't tried every single report, but the others appear to work fine. I've tried restoring the three problem report .rpt files from a backup, but those three still hang. Have Reindexed, Optimized, as well as tried to generate those reports with several different people. Before I do a re-install, I thought I'd pick your brains. Anyone else encountered this? Suggestions? ================= [Jim Byram] You're talking about VCF charts that are different from any other type of TMG report. Run the TMG v9.05 installer and select [Repair]. If that doesn't work, temporarily disable real-time scanning by your security application and see if that works. ================= [Carol Hornung] Tried both suggestions, with complete shutdown following, but problem persists. Would welcome other suggestions/next steps. Thanks. ================= [Jim Byram] The only other thing that I can suggest is to uninstall. Then delete the program folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v9" And delete the installer folder "C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9 Installer" And reinstall. This will not affect your TMG data folders. ================= [Carol Hornung] Discovered same problem exists with those VCF charts on laptop (second install of TMG v9.05, Win 10). Also when trying to generate those charts using Sample.pjc. Have completely uninstalled TMG, deleted folders as Jim suggested, restarted and reinstalled. No change. If it makes any difference, a previously-saved .vc2 chart file opens in Visual Chartform without problem, with all menus functional. No new programs have been installed on either laptop or desktop since Feb 14, when I last successfully generated one of those reports. However, I see where several Win 10 Security updates were applied on Feb 13. Anyone else with 9.05 and Win 10 experiencing the problem generating those VCF chart reports?
  2. I have just (today) upgraded from v7 to the latest v8 version of TMG. I have a family renunion coming up and wanted to print a couple of Ancestor Box Charts on A3. The one for my mother generated ok, but when I try and generate the one for my father after I select Create Chart, it starts the VCF application - seems to hang up on "building the boxes" - I get a message saying be patient, but after a few minutes the screen just disappears - no error, no nothing. The last entries in the _process.log read... 08-06-2013, 17:22:05 >******************************************************************************** 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >C:PROGRAM FILES (X86)THE MASTER GENEALOGIST V8vcf.exe "c:usersalienwaredocumentsthe master genealogist v8configuration_filesvcfwanc.vcc" 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >Result =1 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >cProcessInfo=@ à Ü 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >cStartUpInfo=D 08-06-2013, 17:28:03 >******************************************************************************** Is this a problem with v8? Is there anything else I can send to help solve the problem? All the best