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When was TMG first developed?

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I've used this software for many years, but in no way to the extent of its capabilities! I was fortunate to have found TMG before I tried anything else...back in the days when the program came on floppy disks. :mellow:


I was just trying to figure how long it's been and what version I started with. Is there any history of Wholly Genes and TMG and the history of the revisions and versions?


Silly question I suppose, but I guess I love history in all its many forms. :D

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There was an article in Genealogical Computing a few years ago about Bob Velke and the beginnings of Wholly Genes and TMG. You can read it here. To go way back, see this page.




Thank you, Virginia! Many of the questions that I had, but hesitated to ask, were answered.


Another question: What were the release dates of TMG 4.0 and 4.0b?


Thanks again,

Mike Talbot

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Mike, I find these from my e-mail files:


Bob Velke wrote in Jul 2000:


TMG's update history off the top of my head :


Feb, 1993    v.99 pre-release    free

Jul, 1993    v1.0 DOS             $99.00 (initial retail purchase price)

Nov, 1994     v1.1 DOS            free

Feb, 1995    v1.1b DOS           free

Apr, 1995   v1.2 DOS              free

Nov, 1995    v1.2a DOS           free

Oct, 1996    v2.0 Windows       $29.95 (or free w/i 3 month grace period)

Feb, 1997    v2.3 Windows       free

May, 1997   v3.0 Windows       free

Apr, 1998    v3.5 Windows       free

Aug, 1998   v3.6 Windows       free

Sep, 1998   v3.6a Windows     free

Dec, 1998   v3.7 Windows       free

May, 1999  v4.0 Windows       $29.95 (or free w/i 6 month grace period)

Jul, 2000   v4.0a Windows      free  (pending)



v4.0a was announced 15 Aug 2000


v4.0d was announced 20 Feb 2001


v5.0 was announced 12 May 2002

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While my math skills might not be as good as they once were, I find it refreshing to note that if a person jumped on the TMG bandwagon 15 years ago they would have paid for a grand total of five (5) releases, plus the original purchase price! HOLY MOLY! AND, after the initial purchase, each subsequent upgrade release has been for the insane price of $29.95! Double HOLY MOLY! That's a grand total of $248.75 I would have spent for TMG since July 1993. I spend nearly that much for cable bills in two (2) months.


How does Bob and crew continue to do it? Check around on some of the other genealogy software out there and find out what the cost would have been over the same period of time. Lesser products, more costly products, and nowhere near the support that TMG offers. It is no wonder that Bob has, what might be, the most loyal following of users of any software product out there. All that AND there is never a bug or problem or new thought or whatever that Bob and crew does not listen too or try to fix.


Hate to insert these ramblings with this thread, but it just seems like a good place to let these thoughts escape from my old head. :)

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Good lord, how many channels do you get! Thank goodness we gave up cable 4 years ago. Think of the genealogy money I have saved! Not to mention my kids have no idea who Hannah Montana is.

I certainly use TMG more than I do the TV. I'm thinking Bob needs to come up with cute little ancestor dolls that sell for around $10. We could then use the special code to log onto a website where we could interact with other people's ancestors. The website would be free, you'd just pay if you bought an ancestor doll. -now why hasn't someone thought of that???


Sorry, I digress. Yup, TMG is a real bargain. Even owning all the Roots programs and all TMG programs since 4.0, I still have spent less than I would have with another more popular program who will remain nameless.


Now Tom, about that cable bill...

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Hi Teresa,


My um-m-m-m-m cable bill includes cable TV and internet. :angelnot: I'm getting ready to knock another $14.00 off the bill, but it will still exceed $100.00 per month. How many channels do I get? Hm-m-m-m, 60 or 70 I would guess. How many do I watch? Maybe, 4 or 5 ... especially the Discovery channel (my fav I guess).


I like your "Ancestor Doll" idea! I'm not sure how I would use the web site, but I like the concept. :thumbsup:


In addition to your comment about the cost of another unnamed product, there is one other huge thing that TMG has going for it. People! Yep, people. I cut my genealogy software teeth on the other unnamed product. On their support boards, everybody seemed distant, removed... like I (or anyone) was just another ho-hum number or the duty dummy. No so with TMG. Over the last few years I feel like I know or live down the street from some of you. I've written personal emails to some of you and you to me. I've disagreed with some of you, only to come back and agree with you about something else 10 minutes later. There is never any residue hostility from a disagreement. My problems have been self-generated (99% of them), yet I've always gotten help. When we laugh at our mistakes, we all laugh. We are not made to feel like some kind of idiot -- well, except for me, because being an idiot is a sign that I have been recognized for something in my life. :rolleyes:


Sheeeeeeeeeeesh, I could ramble on and on. Bob needs to get this stuff for his advertising. :D

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Yes, that's the great thing about TMG users. We disagree, agree, somewhere in between, but still get along.


The Ancestor Doll idea is not totally mine. Webkins beat me to it. But I still like the idea.


Wish a few TMG users did live down the street. We could hang, discuss the program, work on research together, but it wouldn't be near as fun as the discussion I have with our Aussie friends online when I can't sleep.


Off to watch one of our 5 channels show the thunderstorms that are headed our way. 3 of them will go off the air once the storms get closer. Ah, but they are free. :lol:

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IIRC, Bob Velke wanted to develop a genealogy software program asked for input at the old CompuServe Roots forum on what people wanted to see in a genealogy program. I think the thread was called The Ultimate Genealogy Program. I think that was in 1990.

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