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I appreciate that this is not the best place to ask, but I have tried sending several emails now to tmg support and have thus far received no reply.


I have TMG7 (uk), or at least I did until last week when my hard drive failed. I have all my data backed up which is the main thing, but I have had to reinstall TMG7, and now I can’t find the key to unlock it. One of the things I lost when the hard drive failed was all my emails, and foolishly these weren’t backed up. I believe that is where my key code was sent.


I do have the serial number for TMG6 noted down, but not TMG7, bu that key didn't work.


I paid by paypal ($29.95) to Robert Velke on 4 Feb 2008


Hopefully the key will be in the wholly genes records, but I can't find anyone to help. I would rather avoid a costly call to the USA if I can help it.


Does anyone here have any suggestions as to what I can do next?


All the best


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Very surprised they haven't helped you Simon.


I lost my key once and gave then all the facts as you did, and was sent back my key again.


I would presume you emailed them using the same email address from which you used to purchase TMG7 ?


Maybe one of the members here who are in contact with WG, might give them a nudge!


As a last resort, you might consider joining the TMG rootsweb mailing list and raising the issue there. I believe Bob Velke looks in. There are also live sessions to which Bob and other staff contribute.


Good luck


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The Wholly Genes Office lost power today and won't have it back until sometime tomorrow. Tech support is working from home, so email them and they'll get you your unlock key as soon as they can.

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