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TMG V7.02 Adding an ID to a witness tag

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I suspect that this may be one of those minor irritants (to me at any rate) that Bob V fixes each time he puts out an upgrade but am quite prepared to be told that it's me!.


I have been tidying up one branch of my tree before I send a report to a newly found relative and part of this has involved adding information from the Scottish census entries. For me this involves adding or correcting/altering Tag Entries for Birth/Alt Birth; Occupation; Residence; Education etc.


I notice that those tags that have provision to add a witness have what I think of as "an extremely minor buglet" but one that I have just noticed perhaps because I am using the witness section quite often at the present time. I click + "Add a new witness" and the | indicator appears up the top left hand corner before a 0. Usually in other actions the zero is selected with a blue rectangle so all I need to do is type the ID and it's done. But in this case I have to select the 0, type the ID and then - away I can go.


I used to have two data sets but I have just merged them and now have only one but I can't remember when this single unhighlighted 0 came up



I realize that it may seem pedantic to mention it but it is taking extra time when I know that other actions such as adding a new citation automatically selects that 0 and I can add the citation number without having to delete the 0


I have checked "Add a witness" on other tags and they all seem to produce unselected 0s


(Yes I have run VFI twice)



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The tags that include witness entry are called event tags. ;)


I can't replicate this with either untabbed or tabbed Tag Entry. The ID number on the Add Witness screen is always highlighted when the screen is opened (whether the project has one data set or more than one data set).


VFI deals with data table maintenance and has nothing to do with how the program works so there was no point in running it in this case.

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