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  1. Thanks very much Virginia Yes I couldn't see the "OK button" - nor the top of the notice - but when I pressed the Enter Key everything worked as it had beforehand (When I looked for Center the Current Window on the Windows Menu in TMG they were all grey which means you can't use them) Thanks again because now I know what to do
  2. Thanks for your comments Virgina but I am still having the trouble My resizing was set to 5/6so I unticked that and reset it (and used "Apply") but neither setting made any difference I unticked the status bar and have left it like that All my buttons on my toolbar areas are set to small Thanks for your suggestions anyway
  3. TMG V7.04 ; Windows XP ; Microsoft Word 2002 (10.6866 6867) SP3 A while ago my computer crashed completely (yes I had my up to date TMG saved) and after getting it repaired I set up TMG again but I must have made a mistake in the settings. I use the Journal Report quite often just for myself, but this time I set it up to show the exhibits which I have done before though not for some time. Options>Exhibits>(Images as Endnotes; Include (Export) internal images; Include external images; Copy to destination folder; Reference full path names; Center person images; With caption, Include event images; For each person include: All images) I got the usual notice as below BUT this notice appears to be too big. At the top it is sitting under the toolbars and at the bottom it goes down below the bottom of the screen. I have tried to manually change the size on the sides by using my browser but although I get the double arrow nothing happens Please note The word file that was produced includes links to external exhibit files I order to view those images in Word, you must open the file in Word and: In Word 2003 or earlier ... 1. access the Edit menu 2. Choose Links In Word 2007 or later ... etc, etc, etc I have been able to work around this problem by going Start>Explore and then finding The Master Genealogist v7>Report_output>(and the particular DOC file) and doing what the notice above says and I get the report with the images which I was able to send away to a relative but then I have to close TMG by CTR-ALT-Delete which is not the wisest thing to do! Could someone please suggest where I should look to change the settings so this doesn't happen again (possibly in File>Preferences) so that I can include the images in the report if needed. At the present time I am using the Journal Report with No Exhibits TIA
  4. I suspect that this may be one of those minor irritants (to me at any rate) that Bob V fixes each time he puts out an upgrade but am quite prepared to be told that it's me!. I have been tidying up one branch of my tree before I send a report to a newly found relative and part of this has involved adding information from the Scottish census entries. For me this involves adding or correcting/altering Tag Entries for Birth/Alt Birth; Occupation; Residence; Education etc. I notice that those tags that have provision to add a witness have what I think of as "an extremely minor buglet" but one that I have just noticed perhaps because I am using the witness section quite often at the present time. I click + "Add a new witness" and the | indicator appears up the top left hand corner before a 0. Usually in other actions the zero is selected with a blue rectangle so all I need to do is type the ID and it's done. But in this case I have to select the 0, type the ID and then - away I can go. I used to have two data sets but I have just merged them and now have only one but I can't remember when this single unhighlighted 0 came up I realize that it may seem pedantic to mention it but it is taking extra time when I know that other actions such as adding a new citation automatically selects that 0 and I can add the citation number without having to delete the 0 I have checked "Add a witness" on other tags and they all seem to produce unselected 0s (Yes I have run VFI twice) Jim
  5. TMG V7 and GEDCOM

    Thanks Jim - now I know where it came from I may change it there instead of opening my GEDCOM in Notepad
  6. TMG V7 and GEDCOM

    I have been using the Export Wizard in TMG v7 to set up a GEDCOM. When I open my GEDCOM I see the first name of the submitter (@SUB1@ SUBM) given as Jim but, when I look down to my actual entry, my first names are given as James Robert Where does the GEDCOM pick up the name “Jim” from as I may want change it to James Robert
  7. Mike Thanks for your suggestion. I think I will keep mine as it is at the moment. I have just started on v7 and the two data sets go back to v4 when I changed over as a refugee from UFT I have made a lot of changes in my main data set as I've gone on v4-5-6 and now 7 which are not really reflected in the other data set. I shudder to think of the time that it would take me to correct places, tags etc if I merged both sets and it works for me and I am used to it Thanks again for your suggestion
  8. foxfont

    Thanks I was just curious I am now using v7 but have left v6 on my computer and the font is still there. (I have saved four fonts in a separate folder that have been mentioned as disappearing when, in my circumstances, I pluck up courage and delete v 6 :-) )
  9. Thanks Jim I always say that "No is an answer"; it's just that it would be helpful for me if I could check the other data set when I am entering new people. I'll have to go go back to my old method of checking on the Picklist after I've made the enteries
  10. I have two data sets in one project. The extra data set #2 is what I call "whorthese" and has those people who I think could be family but about whom I am not certain as yet. (For me, the advantage is that I can see all the people in the Picklist providing I have enabled both in the Data Set Manager) I have been working through a list of people of one of my main branches that was forwarded to me by a relative. Where they are new members (to me) I have been adding them to my data set #1 using "Add Person". Where there is a similar person to that new person in data set #1, I get the notice "Possible matching people:" which I have found very useful BUT it doesn't show whether there is also a matching person in data set #2. (I have checked this with a person's name that I know is in both data sets) Is there a way to check for all "New People" in all data sets in the same project - if not could it please go on the Wish list
  11. foxfont

    I am still using v 6.12 as I have some work to do before I change over to v7. I have been following a thread in the TMG mailing list about what happens when you put v7 on your computer and later on remove v6. four of the special fonts disappear! and so I checked my fonts. I have three of the four fonts on my computer but I can't find "foxfont" in the font list. I haven't noticed any effect from a missing font in TMG- what is "foxfont" used for in TMG - just curious as TMG appears to be working all right!
  12. (My expanded picklist works alright in my usual project - it's only in my new project that I am having trouble) I set up a new project on a CD-ROM which may be the problem though I don't think so. I made the new project by going into Reports>List of People and using Secondary Output to create a project with one person so that (I hoped) I would have all the settings that I have on the original projects. I have imported two different GEDCOMS in as separate data sets. I would have expected similar names to show up one after the other as that was the purpose of the exercise. One data set shows altogether and then comes the next. If I select a name on data set two, go to the top and click "Name" to show name variation then come out, the name fits into order in data set three. If I keep doing this I could get both data sets in order but this would take too long What have I done wrong Jim