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Using icons in the toolbars

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I'm reading and enjoying Terry's Primer for TMG and noticed that he has a female symbol on his custom toolbar. It's under the icon that looks like two men and above the icon that is a single man. Where can I find that icon? I've looked and looked. I was able to delete the standard icons that were in foreign languages, but I can't find the female icon. Where is it and how can I get it?



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Like I did, you make it? :)


As I recall, I opened a copy of the male figure icon in Paint - the very basic image editor that comes with windows, increased the zoom level until I could see every pixel, and then edited it pixel by pixel. It's not very big so it's not difficult.


Or, send me an email message and I'll send it to you.


I use the male and female figures on buttons to switch between the accent set for my ancestors and those of my wife.

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Glad you like it. There are others like that. You just have to look. Also if you find an image on Google images, sometimes you can shrink it in your photoediting software and it will look good too. I just had to play with them. Some tags I just use text. I haven't ever found a good image for some of my more esoteric tag names.

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