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GeneTree mtDNA results

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I've just obtained my mtDNA results from GeneTree and want to enter them in my TMG db. The form has the three columns for HVR1, 2, 3 - but the results on the web site are not categorized that way. Can anyone tell me how to enter the results? Which numbers go in which column?



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It looks like they have changed the way they show the results

I entered my GeneTree test results like this

Column HRV1: Row 1: 16224C, Row 2: 16211C, Row 3: 16519C

Column HRV2: Row 1: 073G, Row 2: 146C Row 3: 263G Row 4: 309.1C, Row 5: 315.1C

Column HRV3: Row 1: 497T, Row 2: 524.1A, Row 3: 524.2C


Image of GeneTree results attached for reference


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