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My daughter often has problems visualising who her cousins are and from which side of the family.


Has anyone created an easy chart in VCF that combines descendants of both sets of their grandparents?


IE - is there an easier way than creating descendant charts for both and copy/paste from one to the other?

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One way would be to temporarily make one of the parents of one of those grandparents non-primary, then click on the now-empty Father or Mother tag for that grandparent, and temporarily attach a parent the parent of the corresponding grandparent of the other set. Then make that person the focus of the chart. Once the chart is created, delete the double great-grandparent from the chart, leaving only the people you want.


The above sounds confusing to me, so I'll try with more specific terms... Go to the Paternal grandfather, and make his father non-primary. Now attach the Maternal grandfather's father in place of the missing father of the Paternal grandfather. Make the Maternal grandfather the focus person of the chart, deleting him and his connecting lines after the chart is created.

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I don't know an easy way to combine them on one chart. It can be done with multiple one-page charts on letter- or legal-size paper, using a master ancestor chart (screenshot of mine) and accompanying descendant charts for each line. I have these (along with FGS reports) in 3-ring binders for my own children. An advantage of small charts is easy updating.



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Here is an interesting way to create a combined chart for cousins ...


Create 4 descendancy charts:

1) Paternal/Paternal grandfather left to right

2) Paternal/maternal granfpather left to right


3) Maternal/Paternal grandfather right to left

4) Maternal/Maternal grandfather right to left


Now cut and paste them onto a new enlarged canvas in the pattern


1 3

2 4


leave a one generation gap in the middle.


All the cousins/siblings will form 2 columns (paternal and maternal) up the middle.


With some careful editing to move the common family into the middle space and remove duplicated persons. This chart now shows all persons within 2 generations on both sides of the family. The concept can be extended to 8 charts (going back one further generation, etc). Some appropriate accenting can identify 1st and 2nd cousins, even double cousins when they occur.

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