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Sentence for Mason's

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Some will suggest a separate custom tag for an organization, such as Masons, if your line has many of these. However, I choose to create custom tag sentences that are very general, and then use a split memo for the details. For example, my custom sentences for the Associatn tag that I use for all such memberships in organizations are:

Principal: [P] <was|and [PO] were> [M1]<with [WO]> <[D]><[M2]><[L]>.< [M3]>Witness:  [W] was [M1] with [P1] <and [P2]> <and [WO]> <[D]><[M2]><[L]>.< [WM]>

[M1] provides details about the association and [M2] provides details about the location in both the Principal and Witness sentences. [M3] is an optional trailing comment for the Principal(s), [WM] for each Witness. A simple example of a split memo for one person might be:

a Mason||in lodge 542||He was elected to Grand Master twice in his life

The resulting sentence might be:

Fred Jones was a Mason from 1943 to 1976 in lodge 542 in Rapid City, Iowa. He was elected to Grand Master twice in his life.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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Another option would be to create multiple roles within the association tag.


The Mason Role could be set up as

[R:Mason] was a Mason <[D]><[M2]><[L]>.< [M3]>


You get the same resulting sentence that Michael showed without having to specify "a mason" in the memo field.


Sheila Altenbernd

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