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Ancestor Box Chart

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How can you get both Primary and Non Primary events to show in an Ancestor Box chart report?


For example I want to include Birth place & date, Baptism place and date, Marriage place and date, Death place and date, Burial place and date.


But because the Baptism tag belongs to the Birth tag group one or other has to be Primary hence the other data does not display.


Changing both tags to non primary results in neither printing, therefore only Primary events are inclused in the Ancestor Box Chart.


I have gone through the chart options but I cannot see anywhere where you might change this.

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Box charts are designed to have only one Tag in each Tag Group, I suppose because of the limited space in the boxes. If that weren't done the boxes could quickly become very long if there are multiple tags of some types. As a result you can include either the Birth or Baptism tag (whichever is primary) for each person, but not both, because, as you say, they are both in the Birth Group.


One solution is to create a second "Baptism" tag in the Other Events group (where you can include one Tag of each Type in box charts) and use it for cases where there is a Birth Tag. Of course it is a considerable task to convert a group of existing people. :(

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