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List of Events report - problem printing memos longer than 250 chars to excel, CVS or txt files.

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I've recently been trying to create a List of Events report that has memos with a length of more than 300 chars.


<> 1. My preference was for a spreadsheet, primarily as it would make formatting easier, but the TMG output only sends about 250 chars max for each cell, (this is for both excel v5 and CSV files).


I can understand excel v5, as I think that had a max of about 256 chars per cell. However, there should be no need to restrict a CSV file. I assume this also goes back to the time when the standard was for just 256 chars / cell. I get the same problem with a tab delimited text file.


%% I would like to raise this as a bug (or at least should be fixed for v8) in that there is no longer a need to restrict to 256 chars for EXCEL, CSV or delimited files.


<> 2. Next option was to a text file (not as useful without the above delimiters). Same problem of about 256 chars with the added problem of end of lines being inserted at position 107. This I can only assume is a reflection to very distant times (like 1970 mainframes; I knew them well) when most files were of FB format (fixed block).


%% Is there a way to alter the line length? Otherwise I would like to raise a bug for this (or at least should be fixed for v8).


Is there a workaround for either of the above, particularly point 1.


For point 2 I have a workaround with producing the output to an *.RTF file with monospace font of Courier new. However, the lack of some sort of delimiter makes formatting (e.g. Word macros) very difficult.


Jim Orrell

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I did some testing and found that this limit hasn't been resolved with the v8 development. And wrote a message requesting a solution.

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I was a bit worried I did not originally get a response to this, so thanks Jim B for requesting an "official" solution. Although I'm assured there is an official feature request/ bug list or whatever, it's a pity we can't see it!


Anyway in the meantime I have another workaround to help deliniate output to an *.RTF file.


If you look at this thread on Rootsweb, you should be able to apply the same principles.

Subject: [TMG] List of People Hyphen



Jim O

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Thanks Jim O, an interesting idea. I'll try it

Thanks Jim Byram for raising the issue with TMG, I do hope the issue gets solved for real at some point



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