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Best Way to Report All Data

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Personally, I don't know if I'd try to PRINT it out.


Here's why, let's use me as an example:


You are cleaning up my data and realize that you need to clean up an obituary tag where I am listed as still being alive. The obit is my grandfathers. If you have printed out his data, it is now going to change once you clean up my information. Instead I prefer to take one family group at a time, and clean it up. I personally use Second Site and print to a file a narrative for that family group using every tag type and all sources. Then I start with the first person and begin cleaning each person up. Once that family group is cleaned up, I can then put that information online, share with other family members, etc. I can also see where new research needs to be done, and take time to do that for a while as well.


By doing it in family groups, if I clean up one tag like I described for me, I am usually going to be cleaning it up for others within that same family group. Once I am done with the family group, that data won't need to be cleaned up again and again. Then I make sure that family groups sources read the way I want. Add in a little bit of new research to keep the process fun and fresh for you and then move to another family group.


I'd just make her project a separate project in TMG and clean it up in the same manner, and then I'd merge the two projects if I still wanted the data once it was cleaned up. If not, then I'd just hand type the information, using her as my new source.

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I use the individual narrative report when I'm trying to proof my data. I don't actually print it though. I preview it on the computer. Make the necessary updates to my data and then generate another preview to ensure it reads correctly.


Sheila Altenbernd

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If you use SS, basically each person has a narrative like Sheila is talking about. I just clean up one person's narrative and move to the next person. But yes, if you clean up a tag for me, you are cleaning it up for everyone attached to that tag. Same with sources.

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