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Donald Joseph Schulteis

Photo/Exhibit - Backup Recovery

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There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the backup and recover

of user photos. This might help to clear things up some.


Photographs and images of documents are the users, not TMG's. The user adds

them to a folder or folders and places the folders somewhere on the computer.

Where the user places them and how the user organize them is up to the

user. This includes their maintenance, and backup; just like any other data

on your computer.


Now first does the user share these photos with TMG. When the user identifies

(links) a photo to TMG, the linked photo is then considered an exhibit. So in

any folder the user may have photos and they may have other photos known

to TMG as exhibits (photos that have been TMG linked). TMG can manage

"exhibits", it does not manage photos.


So you say, you have TMG on your system and you would like for TMG to use

some of these photos. You link (identify) the photo of your mother. When we

say link, we mean when you are in the detail view for your mother, you click

on the camera icon on top the screen and you receive the "select file for new

exhibit" sub-window. Here you find the folder containing your mother's picture

and select that file. The photo becomes linked and is now known to TMG as

an exhibit. TMG provides support to back up exhibits, that is, the photos you

have linked to it. But, just because the user links their photos does not cause

TMG to back them up. When backing up a project, the user must specifically

identify to TMG that it is also to back up the exhibits.


At this point we all seem to be in agreement. Everything rolls along file until the

user encounters a situation where the user has lost a photo or two or the entire

folder. So the user shouts, OK TMG, recover my folder.


We started this discussion with identifying that you, the user, are responsible

for the maintenance and backup of your photos/exhibits. The recovery problems

arise when the user does not fulfill their backup responsibilities or relies on

TMG to do it for them, but fails to tell TMG to do so.


For example, lets say the user stores their photos in a folder called "my

pictures". In this folder there are 100 photos of which 60 have been linked

(identified) to TMG and are referred to as exhibits. Should the user loose

the folder "my pictures", the _best_ TMG can do, assuming TMG backed up

the exhibits, is to recover the 60 exhibits. Unless the user backed up the other

40 photos, they will be lost, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is not a

TMG problem, it is solely a user problem as the user did not back them up.

On the other hand, the user might loose all 100 photos if they forgot to tell

TMG to back them up. Bottom line, you, the user are responsible for "user

data management".


This is the environment the user must operates under.


Donald Schulteis

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