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Filter for an absent field?

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I am trying to set up a filter for people who are born/baptised but with no known death or marriage.


I can set up the filter to find an empty field, but cannot persuade it to find data with an absent field.


Any thoughts?



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Typically users apply the term "field" to one of the fields in a Tag - like date, sort date, place, or Memo, or one of the fields in the Source Definition or Repository. But I think you actually mean you are looking for people who have no Death or Marriage Tag, right?


If so, you want the List of People report, or the Project explorer or Picklist, which all use the same filters. I'd suggest something like:


Baptism... Place Is Not Empty AND

Marriage Group... #of Tags = 0 AND

Death Group... # of Tags = 0 END


You can't filter for the Baptism tag exists, so I filtered the Place fields are populated. You could also filter for the Date being populated.


Then you want to filter for neither a Marriage Tag or a Death Tag, which is what the second and third lines do.


There is a complication if some of your "Baptisms" are entered in Christening Tags - If that's the case you would need to modify the first term above.

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I am guessing that Terry is right about what you really want. But since Birth tags, Baptism tags, and Christning tags all belong to the "Birth" group of tags, perhaps a slight change to Terry's filter will be closer to what you want:


# of Birth Group tags // > Is greater than // 0 // AND

# of Marriage Group Tags // = Equals // 0 // AND

# of Death Group Tags // = Equals // 0 // END


That should get you only the people that I think are who you want. And this filter can be used for either a List of People report, or to filter the Project Explorer.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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