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Windows 7 64-bit

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Any idea when TMG will have a version available for Windows 7, 64-bit? Is there a place where I can request notification when/if it becomes available?



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Hi Trina,


The current version 7 of TMG is fully functional on Windows 7, 64-bit with only one exception. TMG7 should install without problem on any version of Windows 7. It is true that you cannot create reports to Word, RTF or Wordperfect with TMG7 on a 64-bit version of Windows, but otherwise it works fine. TMG8, which is in development, will solve this problem (as well as provide other improvements), but there is no official date for its release. In the meantime, you have the following alternatives for Word, RTF or Wordperfect reports:


1. Output in other formats. Output directly to printer, and to HTML and PDF files all work. Some have found it workable to output to HTML and then copy the text to a word processor, though not all features are supported in that mode. If you don't need to edit the finished report PDF output works fine, though some find they have to follow a specific procedure outlined in one of the topics pinned at the top of the "The Master Genealogist v7" forum to set that feature up.


2. Install and run TMG on your Windows 7 computer, but also install TMG7 on another computer using a 32-bit version of windows, such as a laptop, and use that system just to run your Word, RTF or Wordperfect reports.


3. You can, if you have one of the upper tier versions of Windows, install something called XPMode, which is actually a 32-bit version of Windows XP. Then install TMG7 on that XPMode, and do all your TMG activities including running your Word, RTF or Wordperfect reports from that. Installing XPMode is free, except for the cost of the more advanced version of Windows, but is a bit complex and clearly not for everyone.


Hope this answers your question.

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TMG8 likely will first be announced on the TMG mail list.



It will be announced within TMG by the Message Manager.


It will be announced in a Wholly Genes Newsletter and that newsletter will be posted here...


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