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Rebuild All Sentences

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Sorry for such a simple query but setting up Roles and Sentences for Multiple Marriages based on Terry's TMG Tips has left me dizzy. Terry's instruction are perfectly clear - it's me at fault.


Having mucked up Principal, Witness, Bride & Groom sentences I wish to return only these to default values.


'Rebuild All Sentences' - its the 'All' that worries me.


In editing the Tag Type Def., Roles & Sentences, selecting Principal then Rebuild All Sentences, can I assume that only the Principal's sentence is returned to default?


I understand that future Principals will have the default value, but sentences for existing Principals will remain the same. Is this correct?


I'm using language SS1, default English UK.


Pat Dunbar

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Any sentence for that tag type edited after opening the Tag Type Definition screen is restored to how it was when the screen was opened... for all roles.

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Note that Jim said "after the Tag Type Defintion screen is opened." In other words, it resets the Sentences to what they were when last saved. It has exactly the same result as the Cancel button. The Sentences are not returned to their default structures.

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